Rewrite Your Memory Movies

Judith Joy

Rewrite Your Memory MoviesThe body believes what it feels. If you don’t like what you are feeling, change it.

We see something, attach a meaning to it, feel some emotion about it and then keep repeating this over and over. Very often old feelings from old memories drive current feelings that you attach to new experiences.

In life, you can rewrite the memory. After all, the memory is just a movie that you are running in your mind. Your mind attaches a meaning to the story. If you don’t like the meaning, change it. “Write” it any way you would like. This includes changing your feelings about the story. Your memories are malleable.

For example, while growing up, let’s say a parent was hyper critical of you. History is history, and that’s the way it was. You feel a certain way about the criticism. You remember it and are still seething about it. Every time you think of it, it makes you uptight and defensive.

In fact, the story is still playing out in your life when someone says anything that you interpret as critical. You tend to feel the emotion attached to the story from your childhood (after all, it’s well rehearsed) and then you layer that feeling on the new experience. It doesn’t matter if your partner gave you a valid suggestion, internally you are feeling the emotions from your childhood.

On a logical level, you know there is a difference. However, on a feeling level, you are still running the same movie and feeling the same way you used to. And on top of that, what you feel is magnetized and thus brings in your next experiences.

So you can certainly see that choosing new feelings will be useful.

It’s okay to remember what happened. However, why do you want to keep reliving and reexperiencing the old movie? Every time you experience the old feeling, your body doesn’t know the difference and thinks that it is real and is happening to you again. You are letting an old feeling steal your current and future happiness.

Does it have to stay this way? No. You can make a different choice.

To rewrite your memory, try this simple method:

  1. Choose a memory of something that bothers you. You will know that it bothers you if you feel a contraction in your body.
  2. Focus on the feeling. Notice what you are feeling when you think of the memory. Is it anything other than high vibe? If so, then continue. If it’s already high vibe, would you like to feel even better?
  3. Choose a better feeling. Think of a time in your life that you experienced a better feeling. It is even better if the incidents aren’t related.
  4. Hold the feelings. Put the feeling you have about the memory in one hand. In the other hand put the better feeling you would like to have. In one hand is “I have” and in the other hand is “I want.”
  5. Weigh the feelings. One hand will feel heavier than the other. Notice the difference.
  6. Pour the feelings. Pour the feelings from the right hand into the left hand. Then pour the feelings from the left hand into the right hand. Continue pouring back and forth until the weight feels the same in each hand. You may even have a deep breath or sigh when they are balanced.
  7. Repeat. Pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that pop up as you balance the energies. These will be the next things that you balance.

Once you get the hang of doing this, it can be done quickly and easily for every feeling that you get. You can rewrite the movies of your mind by rebalancing the energy of the feelings. The movie becomes just a memory and no longer runs the show. And the new feelings allow you to attract even better experiences into your life. The choice is yours.

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