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Let Them Be Wrong“You have the choice to let them be wrong.”

I was looking at Pinterest when I ran across a quote similar to this one. I read it and scrolled on. However, as the days passed, it kept popping up in my mind. What if this is all that’s needed to stop arguing? And as a result, feel better.

We live in a society where many people like to have the last word. Combine this with wanting to be right. And then add on top of that blame and shame.

Read the previous paragraph again. Can you feel the tension starting in your chest? Keep in mind that so far there is no actual argument. There are just words on paper describing a process.

What this does do is take you out of your own inner peace.

This then takes you out of your own personal power. That’s right. In fact, this is so important that it’s worth repeating. Your power is in the inner peace of high vibe.

When you connect and live in this inner peace you are taking advantage of the laws of the Universe where everything is created from what you feel. You see, conflict and having to be right is about forcing something and this takes a lot of effort. Whereas, high vibes such as inner peace are a much more settled feeling and are about allowing your desires and dreams to be created – all with very little effort. It’s the difference between force and allowance.

Think of a conflict you have with your spouse or kids. Something that drives you nuts. Maybe you were taught that elbows aren’t allowed on the table during dinner, because it is rude and wrong. And every time someone does it, you feel a simmer start within you. Perhaps you are thinking something like, “How uncouth. What do other people think?” You speak up and an argument ensues. Blah, blah, blah, and the discontent feelings build as you leave your inner peace.

Your feeling (the fact that it drives you nuts) points out that something is pulling you out of your inner peace. You’ve just dropped your power. Anything that takes your out of your inner peace is showing you that you have a trigger. It’s up to you if you want to focus on what is bothering you or if you want to return to your power.

Personally, I keep returning to inner peace. My rule is: “Don’t let anything take me out of my inner peace.” If I step out momentarily because something bothers me, I refocus and return to that yummy feeling of peace. This used to take a long time. Now, it can be done in a few minutes, and soon it will be seconds.

Does this work all the time? Yes and no. It’s always working, it’s just that sometimes there are more triggers blocking the way than other times and it seems as if it’s not working. The point is that where I focus is where I’m going. So, the more I focus on inner peace, the more I will have it, and thus the more ease I will have when creating my dreams and desires because the inner peace is the power. (And it feels really good.)

So, what about the conflict? Shouldn’t you fight for what is “right?” If fighting lowers your vibration and makes things more difficult to accomplish, then why would you choose that route?

Personally, I choose the path of ease where I can claim my personal power and thus be more effective with less umph. The more I am in the space of inner peace the more things resolve on their own and the so called solution seems to drop into my lap. My “job” is to stay in the inner peace and then follow the inspired actions that appear.

So, what if the solution is as simple as letting the other person be wrong? It’s a choice that you get to make. And once you choose it, you can return to your inner peace and your personal power. The other person may change or not, and at the same time, you are at peace and masterfully creating the life you desire with ease. At least the other person isn’t bothering you anymore.

When I realized that letting the other person be wrong was building my inner peace, I was a convert. It felt so good.

It’s worth a try. Let the other person be wrong as you stay in peace. Who’s the real “winner?”

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