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Energy FlowHave you ever noticed that the flow of energy doesn’t feel constant? Some days are just flowing and others have stopped. This is normal. That is what flow is about – riding the wave. Think of a wave. There are high points and there are low points.

Recently, it felt as if my get up and go got up and went? I’ve had a general reluctance to get stuff done and it felt like the momentum just wasn’t there. In fact, my husband noticed that I said, “I’m tired” more than normal.

In July and August, my blogs flowed out of me. In fact, I wrote multiple blogs at a time. Then in September, it slowed down. In addition, I was trying to develop some courses and kept hitting a brick wall. Don’t get me wrong, there were some powerful, productive days, and then these were followed by days when the energy levels dropped. To be honest, I was wondering what was happening.

So what happened? Actually two things happened. First, Mars was in retrograde for three months. I’d heard of Mercury in retrograde, however, this was different. And yes, Mercury was in retrograde during this time also. In short, it was a time to review and do inner introspection. It wasn’t a time to create (or at least easily). Any time I did inner work, lots was revealed. It was the outer work that wasn’t getting done. Mars and Mercury going retrograde both played a part.

Combine that with the general energy and the morphic field caused by so many people being afraid and cautious from the political and covid turmoil, and you can imagine that as a highly sensitive person, I was picking up on the energy. I was going high vibe every day, but it wasn’t always natural.

During this time, some good things happened. One, I did a review of my desire to go high vibe no matter what, and this led to some great notes that I’ll be able to use in a future book, which I did start on one of the high energy days. Also, I gave some good workshops about journaling. And there were a few deep dives that were terrific. Another good thing is that because my focus was on being high vibe, I wasn’t overly critical about what was going on and I could more easily ride the wave of flow.

In addition, Mars and Mercury are both direct now and any lingering effects will be gone by the beginning of January. (And luckily, Mars won’t be going retrograde in 2021. Yeah!) And on top of that, my assistant knows lots more about the astrology stuff, so I put her in charge of preparing for any future astrological timing and planning how we can best take advantage of them.

So, if you’ve been dragging, don’t despair. The energy is coming back. Do the inner work, so that the outer work can happen. This is the way of creation. Inside first.

And as for the covid anxiety that you may be picking up on, you can say, “I’m giving back any energy that isn’t mine and asking that all my energy be returned to me now!” Say this with the belief and faith that it is so.

In short, the get up and go that left is returning shortly. The energy wave is picking up. Get ready for a productive 2021.

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