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Reality Follows the FeelingsDid you know that most people have things backwards? They think that you have to have something in order to have a feeling about it.

In truth, reality follows the feelings.

So, what does this mean? Feel first. That’s right. Build the feeling that you would like to have and then experiences that match that feeling will come to you.

A doctor I know does this in a unique way. Whenever money is slow in her business, she goes out and spends money. By the time she returns to the office, the phone is ringing, and patients are calling for appointments, ordering supplements, etc.

Why does this work for her?

She notices that money isn’t flowing into the business. So, she builds the feeling of flow by putting money into the economy and buys something that makes her feel special and expansive. The clue is that she has to feel special and expansive. She then combines this with total belief that it will happen. There isn’t one bit of her that believes otherwise.

Someone else, who isn’t consciousness minded, can try the same thing (spend to receive) and get opposite results. Why? Because their feelings and words don’t match up to their desire. If they even think about spending money and then immediately feel a sinking feeling and match it with guilt talk, yet go out and spend anyway, nothing happens to increase income. And the person will have less overall, which reinforces the sinking, guilt feelings. The results will match the feelings.

What to do? Decide on the feelings you would like to experience and then start feeling that. There are a number of ways to do this. Below is just one.

Magic Doors

  • Choose the feeling you would like. (In this case, expansive and special.)
  • Imagine you have magic doors in front of you.
  • Point to the door that has the feelings you would like to feel behind it.
  • Open the door.
  • Marinate in the feeling. (Take time to feel it.)
  • Choose another door that matches the feeling.
  • Keep repeating.

You will feel the feeling over and over as you open each magic door. This builds the feelings and reminds your body what you are aiming for. (This is when the doctor will take action and buy something to reinforce the feeling.)

And what about the believing part?

Our job is to set the course and feel the feeling. The Universe will bring to us the how and when through the whispers of action it leads us to do. So, get out of the way by stop doubting. Stop saying or thinking anything that doesn’t match the feeling you would like to manifest and the thing that you think matches the feeling.

Don’t even go into the “but it’s not here yet” mentality. You are going for the feeling first. Start feeling it. And then the results will follow.

Have you ever believed something and just knew it was going to be so? This was matched with a certainty feeling. It was solid. It just was.

Think about the sun rising in the east. Of course it does. This is the feeling you are aiming for when you believe something. You don’t wonder every morning if this is the day it doesn’t happen. You don’t stay up all night looking for the sunrise, just to make sure it’s coming up in the east.

Our manifesting is the same way. If you believe (and keep your focus on the feelings you desire), then the Universe will “come knocking on your door” to let you know what the next step is.

Important. Don’t do until you have the energy of the feeling flowing through your body.

To recap:

  • What is it that you would like to happen?
  • What does that feel like when you have it?
  • Which magic doors match the feeling?
  • Marinate in the feeling. (Feel it over and over.)
  • Stop doubting that it will show up.
  • Take action (led by whispers from the Universe).

After all, if you are going for the feeling and start feeling it now, then the feeling is already here. The experiences that match your feelings will show up. And very often they will show up even better than you ever imagined. It all starts with the feeling.

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