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The Power of IntentionI always knew that intentions were powerful. And sometimes it still surprises me. I’ve gotten in the habit of saying out loud my intention when I visit with my dad. In the past, I was nervous and kept myself small when we visited. Though lots of releasing and aligning, I’m much more comfortable being my expanded self.

He has a very powerful presence of which I have years and years of experience with and generally, I’m not one to butt heads with others. Since learning about intentions and conscious creating, I’ve learned that it can be done without confrontation.

He used to laugh about his power and say that if he was in a meeting and said, “I wonder what this room would look like blue?” the next time he walked in the room, someone would have painted it blue. You see, he is a master manifester and has been for 91 years. He’s been doing conscious creating since I can remember. He has created a life that is even better than he ever imagined.

It’s taken me a while, but I’m now doing that also. It was hit or miss before, and I wasn’t always sure why some intentions worked, and others didn’t. Then I cracked the code.

Now, when I go to my dad’s, I clearly say out loud my intention for the visit. This time, it was: to have a good time and leave feeling better than when I arrived. (I’d had a headache and was more than willing to let it go.)

Well, the intention showed up as me playing in the swimming pool with the grandkids, walking in the garden with my husband, talking a bit with everyone, and leaving as my headache dissipated. I did have fun and felt better.

(And who knew that the 12 foot table my dad and second mom have outside would come in so handy during social distancing? Before this year, who even knew we needed social distancing. It’s a good thing the Universe led them to buy it 17 years ago.)

To set intentions:

– Know what you want.
– Know what you would like to feel when you have that desire.
– Spin it out to the Universe. (This is another way to say give it to the Universe so it can show you the way to create your desire.)
– Let go of it having to show up a certain way.
– Follow the inspired action steps. (For this experience, it was to swim, walk in the garden, and talk with everyone.)

Intend to feel better, and you will be led to it. Keep your focus on feeling miserable and you will get more of that. What you focus on is what you get. Where is your focus? What are your intentions?

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