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Releasing into LaughterSometimes when we release in one area of our lives, other areas benefit. On a recent night my mentor (Dr. Jahner) and I released on rejection, specifically around feelings leftover from my first marriage. Another layer of feelings were peeled away. I thought I was releasing to improve my current marriage, but it was so much more.

The next day began with my husband and I having an afternoon date after which we both agreed was one of our best dates in a long time. It was a simple date of lunch and a walk in the forest preserve, and what was different was that we truly talked. Obviously, clearing about rejection made a positive impact almost immediately.

However, there were unexpected results at dinner.

As we all sat outside at my Dad and step-mother’s 15 foot table tonight at a family dinner for Rosh Hashana a miracle happened. My folks, daughter, son and daughter-in-law, Bruce and I laughed and laughed and laughed. (Historically, we had some laughter, but the conversations was usually more serious, and the feelings were a bit tense. This was different.)

My dad and daughter found that they agreed on many issues. This was unusual. My dad even jokingly said that he’d put her back in the will. (She was never actually out of it.) Laughter all around. My daughter left feeling as if she was heard.

The funniest thing was when my daughter was talking about the Kardashian’s upcoming last season and how they took a negative experience (a sex tape) and turned it into something positive (a reality TV show and multiple businesses). She then went on to say that one of us should do a sex tape, and then get a reality TV show as a way to increase wealth. More laughter. (The family is very private, and this isn’t something we would do.)

Then my very conservative, 91-year-old dad said he’d consider it, and my step-mother agreed that she would think about it also. We know they were joking, but they said it with straight faces, and we were practically rolling on the ground laughing.

All in all, it was a great night and a great start to a wonderful new year.

So what brought about all this laughter? The releasing about rejection. If you clear one area of your life, then other areas get cleared also. And since my energy was the highest vibration, it influenced everyone at the dinner. (Highest vibe wins.) Everyone was a winner because of all the openness and acceptance.

To release, answer these questions:

  • What is it you would like to have? What is your desire?
  • What will body sensations will you feel when you have the desire?
  • What are you feeling now that will prevent this desire (and the feeling) from happening? What is getting in your way of having this?
  • What beliefs are you holding that if you changed them you could have your desire?
  • Are you willing to let go and release these beliefs forever? (Just being willing to let them go is enough to allow them to shift.)
  • What new belief would you like to believe instead?
  • Repeat

As you explore the beliefs, look at them from many different sides. It’s almost as if the belief is a mirror ball and each individual mirror shows you another variation that can be released.

And as for the sex tape…I wouldn’t hold my breath. We can release on all our beliefs around it, and I’d bet we would still choose to skip this opportunity. But it does provide some laughter to just talk about the possibility and the laughter by itself is valuable.

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