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Manifesting PeaceWho would have thought that a minor car accident would lead to peace? I certainly didn’t think this was how I would manifest peace. Yet, that is what happened.

You see, two weeks ago, I was leaving acupuncture feeling relaxed. Then while stopped at a stop sign, I turned my head to the right to look in a shop window as I waited for the car in front of me to go. I heard and felt the thud of the car behind me not stopping.

I quickly took stock and felt fine, and we pulled off to the side of the road. The lady who hit me was apologetic and very kind as she explained, she thought that I was going to keep going.

At a stop sign with a car in front of me? Seriously?

There was minor damage to my car and more to her’s. As we waited for the policeman to fill out the report, I assured her that “accidents happen.” She was so thankful that I wasn’t angry. In fact, I was pretty impressed with myself at how calm I felt.

Then that calm went to a new level. When I got home, I asked my husband to adjust me immediately. He wanted to wait, but I know my body, so he did. Lucky for me that his specialty was personal injury chiropractic.

As it happened, my mentor (Dr. Jahner) was visiting. I hadn’t seen him in person for three years as he lives in California. He asked me, “What can we create from this? What’s the benefit of this?”

Long story short, by the time both of them got done working on me (about 20 minutes), I felt a deep sense of peace and calm that hasn’t left yet. It was as if my adrenals powered down and my intuition powered up to a new level.

Add on top of that that my best friend (who does cranial sacral) was coming over the next day for a deep dive with myself and my daughter. Before we started they did more energetic body releasing on me. It felt great. Yes, I had a headache, but I was peaceful.

The timing of all this was amazing. After acupuncture, while I was relaxed. During a visit with someone who I hadn’t seen in three years. Just before the deep dive that was already planned. And on top of this, the day before the accident, I’d set in motion (set an intention) to have more peace and love in my life. I’d manifested it.

Most people would bemoan the fact that they got in a car accident. However, because I’m living in high vibe and set the intention last December that nothing was going to get in my way of being high vibe, even this accident didn’t knock me out of it. In fact, I’m blessed that the Universe aligned in such a way that I had all the help I desired, felt a deeper sense of peace and gave myself permission to chill (which, truth be told, I’d been getting the message but hadn’t been doing). And my intuition powered up a notch.

As an added bonus, since my head was turned to the right, the left side of my neck got a stretch. Thus, when Bruce adjusted me, I noticed that I could turn my head to the left further than I could before.

It was a win-win all the way around. Now, I just have to get the car fixed.

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