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“Insta”-ManifestingHave you noticed that manifesting has sped up, and when you ask for something, it appears sooner than it used to? That’s right. I noticed this and then asked a few of my friends who are also doing this conscious energy transformational work if it was happening for them and their clients. They all agree that things are happening much faster.

Why is this happening? I can tell a story and come up with lots of reasons why. However, it doesn’t really matter why. What matters is that it is, and you can take advantage of it.

Here are a few ways “insta”-manifesting has shown up:

1. An appointment wasn’t available. I aligned my energy with having an appointment at a mutually beneficial time and within two hours, I got a text saying that an appointment had opened up. Would I like it? You bet. (This has happened twice so far.)

2. A real estate agent decided to send thank you gifts to people who had sent referrals to her during the year. To cover the cost, she said that her next commission would need to be $4,000 or more. Within seconds, she got a call asking her to do a deal. Her commission? $4,000 – $5,000.

3. A podcaster had stopped recording…it was too much work. Although, if enough people wanted it back and she had someone to do the back-end stuff, then she would reconsider. Within a day, she got an email from someone who just graduated in media something or other, loved her podcast and offered to do the back-end stuff for free. She was back in business.

4. A homeowner thought about her lawn being mowed. The next day, the neighbor boy showed up to do it. (It had been a few weeks since he came. She was going to text him but had gotten lazy and hadn’t.)

What can you do to take advantage of “insta”-manifesting?

Be direct with your intentions. Know exactly what you desire. For example, when I was manifesting the appointment, I asked to be in total alignment with having an appointment with this specific person during the next week at a time that was mutually beneficial. (I was fine with not having the appointment. It was just that if I did have it, this was what I wanted.)

Choose your words wisely. Know that anything you are in alignment with can manifest. This means that it is to your benefit to phrase things as exactly as possible. Be careful with the exact wording you use. Think of the implications of what you are asking for and all the ways it may show up. (This is a good place to add that it be for your benefit.)

Align your intention with the feeling of receiving it. Choose the feeling you will have when you have the manifestation and then feel that now.

Be high vibe and maintain your high vibe no matter what. You don’t want anything to knock you off your high vibe. The clue is to practice gratitude, peace, calm, fun, joy, kindness and so on all day long.

Give the Universe some wiggle room to bring it to you in a way that is even better than you expected. Let go of expectations and neediness.

And what happens if you get what you asked for and then change your mind? Try again. Refine what it is you are asking for or change it completely. The choice is up to you. It’s just a choice and you get to make a new choice.

It’s a wonderful time to think about what it truly is you do desire. After all, if it’s happening faster and faster, it’s beneficial to be intentional with your words and feelings as you align the manifestation into being. And have fun with it. After all, fun is a really good high vibe.

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