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Conscious ManifestingWe manifest everything in our lives. Most people do it unconsciously. They don’t realize that their thoughts and feelings are telling the outside world, “this is what I choose.” This means that if you consciously choose your thoughts and feelings you can create a different outcome. This is called conscious manifesting or conscious creating. And it’s a basic principle of the law of attraction.

After knowing that you can choose your thoughts and feelings, the next principle to learn is that everything is possible. This is what quantum physics is about. Any possibility you can think of is available as raw potential.

If everything is possible, then what possibility are you dismissing as outside the realm of possibilities?

While doing some aligning with a client, he happened to say that he was seeing a pain doctor. He’d mentioned this before, but this time it caught my interest. “Let’s dive into that,” I encouraged him. “Let’s play with this and see what we can do.”

He was up for it, so we looked at what was going on. While having wrist surgery years ago, the surgeon nicked a nerve. The end result is that the outside two fingers tingle or are in pain and his hand contracts. In fact, one finger very often has no feeling at all. That’s what “reality” says is happening.

What else is possible? We opened the door to playing with the potential possibility we would like to have – feeling better.

A memory popped up in my awareness about bones healing. Years ago, while attending a lecture about this, there was a slide about how bones heal. The slide showed the bone cut and separated. (The surgeon was lengthening the bone.) What happened was so interesting. The bone endings grew millions of little “tentacles” that reached for each other in the other bone segment until so many were entangled that the bone filled in and became solid.

Would this work for the nerve? It popped into my awareness, so we gave it a try. (I love using weird visuals.)

We began by visualizing the nerve as a thread that was cut. (Similar to the bone being cut.) Then we imagined the tentacles growing together. We kept picturing this until we felt the expansion of it being done. We focused on what we desired and didn’t even think that it wasn’t possible.

The next step was to install a light switch. After all, nerves are about electricity, and this idea popped in, so we used it. We flipped the switch into the on position. In the back of my brain, I was thinking that this would also give us a way to turn it off if we needed to do so.

Finally, we harmonized and integrated the changes with the brain. The idea here is to ease the way for the body to accept the changes.

We played with this for about ten minutes. Then I asked, “What is different?” We were pleasantly surprised that the pain subsided.

The next step was to ask the questions: What is the length of time the client should repeat this each day? How many days will create the best results? The answers were to do this for about two minute a day for two weeks. It’s worth a try. At the very least it was fun, and the client knows how to feel better in the moment.

So why does this work? There are a couple of things at play here. (And I’m probably forgetting some.)

1) We began by being high vibe. (This is very important.)
2) We were playing (and weren’t serious).
3) We knew what reality we were aiming for — feeling better.
4) We were open to the possibility of things being different than what had been showing up.
5) We weren’t holding onto it having to show up in a certain way or at a certain time.
6) We used the ideas that popped in.
7) We asked questions.
8) We were willing to accept this working (or not). There was no attachment to the outcome. Just curiosity.
9) We believed it was possible.

By going with the idea that everything is possible, we chose a possibility that was different than the norm. And then began to play with it. What possibilities could you be open to if you were open to the idea that everything is possible? What would you choose? And what if conscious creating is as simple as this?

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