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Conscious Creating at the Nail SalonWhile getting my nails done recently, the manicurist and I were silent, so I chose to do conscious creating, which is another way of saying manifesting with intention. I closed my eyes and imagined clients coming to me for coaching sessions. My visual was new and past clients calling me to set up appointments. I even felt the excitement of this happening. All good. Right?

Well, the manicurist’s phone started ringing with clients wanting to set up appointments. After the third phone call in 10 minutes, I asked her if this was normal. She laughed, shook her head, and said, “Not at all.”

I just smiled. I knew that my conscious creating had touched her business. The calls continued throughout the manicure. I wonder what happened after I left?

“Now Universe, if I wasn’t clear enough with my manifesting, I would like new, existing and old clients to reach out to me to set up appointments, which they are happy to pay me for. These clients are ready to consciously create in their own lives. Each client is a contribution to my life, as I am to each of theirs.”

The first “client” to call (within minutes of my getting home) was my daughter. She asked for some help clearing energy that was zinging within her body. Playing in the energy with her is always fun for both of us, and she pays me with hugs, smiles, laughter and doing her magic on/with me.

Why did this conscious creating work?

– I live in high vibe. (Being in high vibe superpowers your intentions.)
– I was clear about what I wanted and then massaged it as it showed up differently than I intended.
– I pictured in my mind what I would like (instead of what I didn’t want).
– I felt the excitement of the clients calling and both of us benefiting from the sessions.
– I saw it as done.
– I let go of it showing up in a certain way at a certain time.
– I followed the whispers from the Universe.

Conscious creating is simple. Most people don’t realize that they have the power to influence their future. They are stuck in the past recreating what used to be. Let it be. Decide what it is you do desire to happen and then align yourself with that. After all, what you focus on is what you get.

Conscious creating is simple if you use it. What will it take for you to know what you’d like to create? What is it you would like to create? What does that look and feel like? Anything else, let it go. Keep your focus and feelings on what it is you do desire as you consciously create your future.

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