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3 Steps to Conscious CreationI am so grateful that the Universe is clearly showing me that what I speak becomes reality. There have been some interesting results as the way the creations showed up was different than how I thought they would. This is how it worked for me recently during a visit from my daughter and her family after they drove from Philly to Chicago for a visit:

  • Knowing that my daughter hadn’t had a break since the beginning of quarantine, I said that I was here to give her that break. She got a BIG smile on her face. The next morning, my eyes popped open at 5:30, which coincidentally, is when the kids (ages 5 & 7) wake up and much earlier than normal for me. Giving my daughter a break looked like letting her sleep in. (Intention: Give my daughter some breathing room and a chance to reenergize herself. One way it showed up: I woke up early and let her sleep in.)


  • I asked the Universe what M’s temper tantrums were about. Then as I meditated and she watched (yes, it feels a bit creepy), I realized that she mediated while in school. If she were to pick it up again, she would be better able to handle the daily ups and downs, especially as school will be online again this year. (Intention: Get some clarity about M’s temper tantrums. One way it showed up: I realized that she wasn’t meditating as she had been at school, so we meditated together. Other things continued to pop into my awareness as the week went on.)


  • Teaching is more fun for me than playing with toys. Out of the blue, M asked me to teach her how to sew. I was unprepared as it had been years and years since I’d sewn. While I had everything, we had to run all over the house to find what we needed including tissue paper to make a pattern. The end result was a simple, cute sundress, and we had fun. (Intention: Enjoy my time with the grandkids. How it showed up: M asked me to teach her a skill I knew.)


Having family visit is fantastic, and I truly appreciate the opportunity to consciously create a wonderful life with them. We had lots of laughter and fun. And I’m looking forward to many more visits that are even better.

To consciously create, follow these three simple steps:

1. Know what it is you would like to create. This can be the thing, the experience or the feeling. In short, think about how you would like things to be. This is your intention.

2. Massage your intention. Squeeze it. Poke it. Turn it around. Look at it from different angels. In short, refine it to make sure that what you are saying is what you would truly like.

3. Follow the whispers. Listen for that internal “ding” identifying the next step. This is the Universe leading you to your intention fulfilled.

As a side note (and this is VERY important), the better you feel and the higher your vibration is, the easier the process of conscious creation is.

What is it that you are choosing to consciously create? Please let me know what you intend and how it showed up for you.

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