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What’s Before the Event?Are you being hit by a two by four?

We often experience life without recognizing that there are clues at which point we could be making choices that would influence the experience. The sooner you know and acknowledge the clues, the more ease you will have as your life plays out.

When we go to the movies, we use clues to help us have the experience we desire. The movie posters tell us if the movie is a romantic comedy, a horror flick, or an adventure movie. We can then make the choice which one we want to go to and what feelings we hope to have.

The Universe is there to help us. We have a certain desire in mind and have feelings about it. the Universe is whispering the way to help you get that. The Universe is trying to help you get to where you want to go. It’s saying, “Over this way. I know the best route that will lead to something even more amazing.” It’s up to each of us to follow the whisper or not.

However, sometimes we miss the clues when they are small whispers or a tap on the shoulder. We wait until we get hit by a two by four before we “choose” something else.

For myself, headaches are my two by four. I’ve experienced them most of my life. In my quest to be high vibe no matter what and to show other people how to have a life that works for them, I know that the headaches aren’t helping me. Together with Dr. Jahner (my mentor) we reversed engineered the headaches. He kept asking me, “what sensation does your body experience BEFORE you get the headaches?”

We asked the question a couple of times and got to the awareness that before I get a headache, I often have the sense that I was shrinking away from something.

This led to another question. “What am I shrinking from?” The awareness that popped in was that I wasn’t focused on what works for me. Instead, I was so concerned about others that I was willing to push me to the side.

This just won’t work for me any longer. Now, when I notice the shrinking feeling, I also notice what it is I’m shrinking from and then make the choice to do something about it. I’d much rather deal with that than having to deal with the headache.

To find the clues in your life, ask yourself:

• What do the Universe’s whispers in your body look and feel like?

• What does your two by four look and feel like?

• What body sensation did you have before that? And before that?

• What events are happening in your life that are two by fours that if you had listened to the whispers you could have made a different choice?

• What are you shrinking from?

If you stay in the question, the answers will pop in. If you are currently being hit with the two by four, it’s valuable to reverse engineer the feeling. When you find the whisper, you may surprise yourself with how valuable it is. After all, if we hear the whispers and take action, more ease will flow in our lives. And we may never need the two by four again. (Or at least, a whole lot less.)

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