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Living PhenomenallyYour job is to live a phenomenal life. Yet, many of us fear doing so. We hold onto something to be acceptable to others and fear making a mistake or being wrong.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We are tribal beings and want to be “in the group.” It’s a survival thing. Think of early humans. They literally depended on each other to survive. If one was thrown out of the tribe, they would probably die.

Therefore, people learned to do things that the group approved of. This “encourages” us to be right, and the need to be right leads to us defending our position. This can lead to arguments and disagreements, which can get you ousted from the tribe. Can you see the vicious circle we fall into?

However, most of the things we do won’t get us kicked out of the tribe even though the survival instinct is still present. Although, this might hamper your creativity, keep you from “making a mistake” or avoid criticism.

In reality, we get to make choices. And if the choice we chose doesn’t work for us, make a new choice.

Trying to fit the tribe is backwards. The idea is to be you and all the gloriousness of you. Then find the tribe that fits you.

To be your glorious self, ask yourself:

1. What feelings and body sensations will I experience when I am the phenomenal me?
2. What does my phenomenal me look like?
3. What mistake are you unwilling to make, that if you were to make it something magical might happen?
4. What does it feel like to be at peace with being great? (And when have you experienced this in your life?)
5. What are you willing to let go of to be all the phenomenance of you?

Your job is to live a phenomenal life. If everything was possible, what does that mean to you?

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