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Awareness from a Bad HaircutWho would ever have thought that a “bad” haircut and headaches would be related? If you don’t know, I get lots of headaches. It’s the messaging system from the Universe that something needs to shift. Personally, I think a text message would be better.

But that’s not how the Universe works. It gives us signs, which we then decipher to know what they are trying to tell us. Over the years, I’ve discovered many causes for headaches that the experts never mention. It’s like a great, big game: here’s the clue, go find the source and then shift it.

Headache in the middle of the forehead? Pay attention to what I’m eating. Something is upsetting my system.

Headache around the eyes? Pay attention to the weather or something to do with my eyes.

Headache behind one eye? C2 and C3 are out of alignment.

Headache with a crunched down feeling? Take a look at what I don’t want to be doing and am baring down to do anyway to please someone else.

Headache at the base of the skull, which is relieved by pressing trigger points in the shoulder blade? Something is causing the muscle to contract. Look into that.

So, back to the “bad” haircut. I’d recently gone to a stylist and shown her a picture (of me with a great haircut) and asked for the same one. However, I liked the highlights I’d recently gotten and thought I conveyed that to her. And I thought I told her I like the top to be longer than it turned out to be.

She thought she was asking me questions along the way about what she was doing. I didn’t hear questions. I heard her say, “I’m doing….” No questions. (I also didn’t tell her not to do.) By the end of the haircut, I was upset.

This by itself was unusual. I usually don’t get upset by stuff like this. Afterall, hair grows back. Shoshi, my daughter, asked what I was behind this upset. That sent me on a road of discovery.

The first sign was that I felt like I was vibrating. Frustration was vibrating out of me. Unfortunately, as much as I tried to be nice to the stylist, I don’t think I was.

The next sign was when I’d stopped by Shoshi’s home with the hope that she could talk me “off the ledge.” I “demanded” the French fries from her recent food delivery. She hadn’t ordered the fries. Luckily they appeared anyway. They weren’t even that good, and I still ate every one of them.

The next sign was a few nights of not sleeping more than four hours before I woke up with a headache. Luckily my husband, a chiropractor, is able to adjust my neck to relieve the pain.

The next sign was that I was doing more stress eating. After a releasing session about stress eating with Dr. Jahner asking the questions, it dawned on me that my pillow was the wrong height. The awareness came out of the blue as they often do.

I fixed the pillow and immediately felt my jaw unclench. After a big sigh, I slept all night long and woke up feeling great.

Was the “bad” haircut worth it? You bet! I’d been mystified by these middle of the night and morning headaches for a long time. The fix was simple. Adjust the height of the pillow so that the spine is straight as I lie on my side while in bed. If it wasn’t for the haircut, my upset and the subsequent releasing, I might never have gotten the awareness of what to do.

I still think a text message would be more efficient and not have taken as long. However, doing it this way did have more of an impact on me, and I’ll remember it. Thank you Universe for the signs that led me to this discovery. Maybe in the future, you can use a kinder, gentler messaging system? I’m agreeable to it.

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