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A New Look at GrievingAre you willing to choose something different?

Death is a part of life just like crossing the finish line is part of racing. It happens. So why isn’t death celebrated the same way finishing a race is? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could celebrate them the same? Laughter. Exhilaration. Remembering the good times. A fist pump of “Yeah, s/he did it!”

However, in our life experience, when someone dies, we can no longer have the relationship that we once had. We are conditioned to grieve for what can no longer be. In short, we miss the person.

Most people choose to wallow in the grief. We have been conditioned that to be “right” we stay in the grief for some abstract period of time. Yes, death is a shock to the system and depending on how you handle shock is how you handle grief.

I’d like to propose the possibility of something different. This is based on my mentor/friend’s experience. Dr. Ron Jahner is a high vibe being. In short, he is constantly living in the high vibe doing things to increase his personal vibration and his life has become more and more magical. His reaction to death is amazing. I’ve seen him do this when his mother, then his father, and just recently his wife as they each died.

With his mother, he was happy even though she was dying. Not because of. Even though. I was shocked. How could he do that? Now that I’ve seen the process three times, I know that this is how I’d like to be. He feels the pain of loss, AND he is able to let it go as he returns to his high vibe life experience. He has trained himself to be high vibe. He truly took to heart the phrase, “No one will steal my happy.” He is going to be joy and peace no matter what!

Most of the time, when we say something like this, we take a step back when a tragedy happens, such as the death of a loved one. We forget that “no matter what” means no matter what – nothing is getting in our way.

How did he do this? He practiced and practiced and practiced until he became that high vibe joy and peace. Through years of being high vibe, this has become his norm. Thus when faced with a difficult situation (such as death of a loved one), joy and peace is his natural state of being and go to experience.

Or at least that’s what we see from the outside. How about this idea? We already are joy and peace, and we live to learn how to rediscover what is already there within us.

The time to do this is now. Most people wait for something bad to happen to be motivated to change. However, the deep work can be done when life is “good.” This way, you can dig deep and really make real, positive changes instead of just putting on a band aid to feel better in the moment. Thus, when life happens and difficulty hits, you already are and have learned how to be high vibe. This has become your norm. You don’t have to wait to feel bad to decide to feel high vibe.

It all begins with, “Are you willing to be different than you are acting now? Are you willing to let go of where you think you are to allow yourself to become who you are at the core?” Being willing is the first step. Are you willing to be laughter, exhilaration, celebration, and give a giant fist pump of “Yeah, s/he did it!” no matter what?

A note from Dr. Jahner: It wasn’t always like this. It’s only because of the intense, continuous consciousness work that I have done that has made this possible. Now, I’m able to ride the waves of grief, process them, and then let them go as I experience the joy of life and remember the good moments with my wife.

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