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Manifest with REMOur lives are made up of all the little choices we have made. Whoever would have thought that over 15 years ago, when I made the statement that “My next husband will be a chiropractor,” it would have such an important impact on me during this pandemic. I have to say that I’m VERY grateful for all the adjustments and backrubs he is currently giving me and all the ones up to now and all the ones yet to come.

That one statement was so powerful that it impacted my life years down the road. It wasn’t wishy-washy. It was made with a lot of emotion. I remember being in my chiropractor’s office. I don’t remember exactly how I got to the statement however I remember it was said with a lot of emphasis.

Then when I met my current husband, I remembered previously saying it and shared it with him. His first response was “I’m never getting married again.” I said, “I am.” And we have been married 5½ years at this point. Together almost 8½ years. Highest vibe wins. (I’ll bet you can’t guess who in our relationship has the highest vibe?)

That being said, what is important about this for you?


When you make a choice, you have an opportunity to super charge it. If the choice is accompanied by repetition, emotion or motion, then your subconscious and the Universe know that this choice is important to you. Think of it as REM.

Repetition is of course doing something over and over. This is obvious if you are writing something repeatedly. Remember the spelling words we used to write when doing homework in grade school? The same idea of repetition applies with our thoughts. If you think negative thoughts over and over, then that is what you will get. More negative experiences that match those thoughts.

Take time to shift your thoughts and ask for what it is you would truly like to manifest. This is a wonderful time to change the negative to the positive. Take a few moments to reframe your thoughts and look for the good in the situations you are asking for at this time.

Emotion is when you have intense feelings vs. it-would-be-nice feelings. The intensity wins. Here is a clue. Many people think that intensity is yelling. When in fact, you are much more powerful when you are high vibe and feeling calm or joyful and can infuse your choice with those feelings followed by a certainty or belief that of course it will come true.

Motion is when you move. This way the choice becomes more than just a mental exercise. Back to the spelling example, writing down the words to remember the spelling is a type of motion. So is writing down your desires. As you write your desires, you will naturally clarify them, and perhaps even dig deeper to find out more about what it is you actually do desire.

All parts of REM aren’t needed to create your chosen dream. However, the more you use, the more power you are putting into its creation. And when you are done with strengthening your dream with REM, it’s always fabulous to add, “This or something better than I could ever have imagined.” This allows for the Universe to bring you experiences that you haven’t even thought of yet, and would be very excited to have.

In short, if you infuse your desired dreams with repetition, emotion and motion you will have a greater chance that they will manifest. And you too will be able to have your dreams play out even better than you imagined, just like I lucked out with having a chiropractor in the house during this pandemic.

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