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Law of Attraction Tip: Dream CardYou have a dream (or a few thousand). Now what?

Write it down. Then put it aside. That’s right. Let it go.

“What?” I can hear you now. “What do I do with what I just wrote down? Don’t I have to start “working” on it? But this is how everyone else says to do it!”

If what everyone else is doing is working for you, then why are you reading this blog? You are obviously looking for something that will work for you. Something that you haven’t discovered yet. So, let’s dive into this law of attraction tip.

When you write down your dream, I’ve found it helpful to write one dream on a card. Some people use fancy paper or index cards. Others use scraps of paper. Either way, by writing it down, you are organizing your thoughts into a clear, concise sentence. Don’t be overly concerned with all the nuts and bolts of the dream. It is better to keep an overview.

Here’s an important tip: At some point on the card, be sure to include how you feel about having your dream completed. This feeling is what you are truly going after by having your dream.

Is there special wording? It is helpful to be polite with your wording. Something along the lines of:

• “I’m willing to experience the miracle of ________.”
• “I ask to experience the miracle of ____________.”
• “I choose to ____________.”

Finish your dream card with a phrase that gives you the feeling of possibility, such as:

• “With ease and grace,”
• “In gratitude,”
• “Even better than I imagined,”
• “More magical than I ever imagined”

Personally, I like to put the date that I first wrote the dream. Not the completion date. The dream date. The purpose is so that when I randomly review the cards, I’ll have some idea of when I first thought of the dream. No big reason. I’m just curious. (Some people like to burn their dream cards. Personally, if I do that, I don’t always remember what I asked for, and thus, I can’t remember it if and when it comes true.)

Now that the dream card is written, what do you do with it? Put the cards in a special box. This is the equivalent of you placing your order with the Universe. There are many names for this box: Dream Box, Manifesting Box, Attraction Box, Wish Box and so on.

To show the Universe that this box holds something special (and by extension your dreams are special) make the box attractive and inviting. Decorate it with intentional words. Paint it. Or decoupage it with pictures. Be creative. This box literally holds your dreams.

Big tip: Once you have placed your dream card in your Dream Box, let the law of attraction work. Surrender. Don’t try to control what, how and when it happens. Let the Universe bring it to you with Divine timing.

It’s fun to go back and review the cards periodically. Many of the dreams, while coming true, manifest in some way that you never imagined they. For example, imagine your dream card said, “I’m willing to experience the miracle of working with a professional sport team and have it be even more magical than I ever imagined. I choose to feel excited and curious.” Then a few months later, your brother gets a job with a sport organization and this opens the door for your dream to come true. The sport team is nothing that you ever imagined that you would work with, and yet still fulfills your dream card’s ask.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a piece of paper or a card and write down your dream. You will have just placed your order with the Universe. Then get out of the way and let the law of attraction work for you.

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