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Follow the Whispers to Manifest Your DreamsWhat is it that you dream of being, having or doing? Now, imagine that manifesting your dream is possible. Even easy. It is when you follow the whispers of the Universe.

Here’s the deal. You come up with the dream or desire. You align yourself with it. (This means you feel really good about actually having the dream or something even better.) Then you hand off the dream to the Universe. Next, you go about your life preparing to receive it. At some point, the Universe will come back to you and whisper in your ear. “Hey, I’ve got an idea. Go do x. This will bring you a step closer to your dream manifesting.”

It’s your job to do what was whispered through your mind (or not do, the choice is yours). Following this whisper is the action step that will help you manifest your dream.

This stuff works! In my own life, I’ve used this process over and over with great results. For example, I’d been divorced for about five years. I’d gone on some dates. I’d worked on my inner self. In short, I lived my life and improved me from the inside out. I was ready to meet a kind, loving man to marry. This was my dream. (Yes, I know that meeting him and marrying him are two different things, but I had to meet him first.)

Then I heard a whisper. “Write a letter to him.” This thought gave me a twinge of excitement.

All of a sudden, this idea was all around me. I read an article about journaling to your future. I saw a play that focused on writing letters. I learned about writing your own eulogy as you’d like it to be, highlighting your life accomplishments. I heard songs that supported this whisper. You get the idea. The whisper was more than in my head. It seemed to be whispered over and over. I noticed…and did something about it.

Being a writer, I wasn’t satisfied with one letter. I pulled out a brand new, fresh journal and started writing. Every night for about six weeks. This isn’t a magic number. It’s just when I stopped writing.

What resulted was a series of letters to my future husband. From there, the Universe helped me manifest my dream by whispering the next action. It was my responsibility to take the action. Join a group. Go on a cruise. Go to the Lido deck. Sit with my friends. Move one seat closer to that interesting man. And so on.

The end result? I manifested my dream. And then I manifested another, when I found the journal that had been stashed in my nightstand since I’d written it. The next whisper was to turn the journal into a book so that it could help others manifest their dreams.

And thus Dear Future Lover, Bring Your Book Boyfriend to Life was born. (It’s available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple.) Are you looking to manifest your dreams? Take a look at this book. If you feel a twinge of excitement, this could be your whisper.

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