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Manifest Your Dreams: Five Steps of How to DreamDreaming is more than going to sleep. In fact, it is about truly waking up.

When people think of dreaming, very often they think in terms of the sleeping dreams. These are ones that we don’t choose. They just happen.

The kind of dreams I’m talking about are the awake dreams. The desires, hopes and wishes that we would like to have in our lives. The dreams we would like to create to have the lives we choose. You get to choose what dreams you would like to manifest.

That’s right. You can choose the dreams, desires, hopes and wishes that will lead you to the life you would like to live. Some people will choose the dream of a peaceful dinner with the family. Others may choose a dream that has a worldwide impact, such as a doctor I recently talked to. She and others have discovered ways to improve the lives of children with autism AND their families. They are at the beginning of creating their dream, a center/school, which will have a huge impact on the world.

The answer is and always has been within you. It is your job to come up with the dream. It is the Universe’s job to figure out how to accomplish the dream. And while you are waiting for the Universal delivery, your job is to align yourself with the dream. This means that you get your feelings and thoughts moving in the same direction.

How to Dream.

1. Allow. Give yourself permission to adopt a rule that there are no limitations. Assume that there is more than enough time and money to do anything and everything you dream of. You are dreaming. Imagine what you could create if you took off the shackles of limitation!

2. Imagine. Start imaging everything and anything that you would like to be, have or do. Ideally, you will come up with three lifetimes of dreams. Just generate ideas – even if they sound crazy. I gave this exercise to my daughter, Shoshanna, while we were walking on the beach. Ninety minutes later, she was still coming up with dreams. And I’m talking continuous dreaming for the full hour and a half.

3. Select. Choose one dream that tickles your fancy. It can be big or small. The Universe doesn’t divide dreams up into categories as hard to accomplish (which many people think big dreams are) or easy to have (which people assume are smaller dreams). If the Universe doesn’t put this limitation on the dreams, are you willing to let go of this limitation in your own life?

4. Play. Imagine the one dream as you would like it to be. Forget about the bumps along the way. Just imagine yourself with the dream completed. Play with your thoughts and feelings about the dream coming to life. Who will benefit from it? What are the benefits you will be experiencing? What are the benefits that the world will experience? What feeling will your body be experiencing when the dream is completed? Imagine yourself giving congratulatory hugs and high fives to everyone involved with the dream’s completion. Imagine the world cheering you on. Imagine what colors are more vivid just because you created this dream.

5. Surrender. It’s important to recognize that it is vital to let go of trying to control how and when the dream becomes a reality for you. It will almost never show up exactly like you dream and the timing is always interesting. The delay may be as simple as the Universe having to rearrange some pieces into an even better flow for your benefit.

You get the idea. To manifest your dreams, you have to first have a dream (or a few thousand). It’s time to wake up your creative “muscles” and start dreaming of what it is you would like to be, have or do. It’s time to wake up to choose the dreams you would like to manifest to create the life you desire.

Dreaming begins within you. Start imagining.

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