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Sit on Your Couch. Change Your Life.Grab your popcorn and get ready to watch a movie. Now, turn OFF your TV or computer. It’s time to turn on your imagination.

As weird as it sounds, your imagination is very powerful. And the feelings that your imagination produce are even more powerful. Your brain doesn’t know what’s “real” and what is imagined. So, use this to your advantage.

If you can imagine the worst, you can imagine the best.

In the time of the covid-19 virus, while we are staying home, it’s a great time to use our imaginations to work for us. Think of it as daydreaming with a direction. This way, you can change your life, one image and feeling at a time.

8 hints to help you improve your imagination experience:

1. Take deep breaths. Take a few slow, deep breaths.

2. Melt away stress. Imagine you are butter or chocolate in the hot sun. It’s more than looking at it. Be it. Feel it. Feel your body relax as the stress slides off of you.

3. Choose a dream or desire. This is where you make the choice to focus on some dream “out there.” Focus on something you would like to be, have, or do. Perhaps it’s having a new job, playing basketball with your buddies, or creating a new project. Your dream is your choice.

4. Feel the final scene. Imagine you are producing a movie of this dream. You get to choose how the viewers feel at the end of your movie. Will your movie end with a laugh? A scare? A sense of accomplishment? Its your choice. When the movie is complete, what will the viewers feel? Now, pair your dream with the feeling you will have when you it is completed.

5. Visualize the final scene. Now that you have the feeling you would like at the end of your movie, visualize what that final scene looks like. What is happening? Who is there? Are you celebrating? Are their tears of joy? Imagine what is happening in the final scene of your movie.

6. Focus on what you do desire. What you focus on is what you get. Therefore, keep imagining the final scene of your movie. Pay attention to the feelings and what is happening. This is what you focus on!!!

7. Notice your intuition. Do not worry about how to accomplish your dream or desire. You will get intuitive hits of what to do. Notice what thoughts pop into your mind or random things that attract your attention. These are the whispers from the Universe. For example, as you sit on your couch, you may get the urge to exercise, see a random video about exercise or hear your spouse say, “I sure do wish I could go to the gym.” This is your intuition giving you a whisper of what to do. Get up and do some type of exercise. Once your blood is flowing, another whispered idea may pop into your awareness. The whispers will lead you to your final scene.

8. Be pre-grateful. Pre-gratitude is when you are thankful for something (like your dream) as if it’s already here. For example, be grateful for your new job, all the wonderful people you will be working with, the terrific pay, the sense of satisfaction, and so on. The more time you are feeling pre-grateful, the stronger your personal magnet will become to “pull” your dream into your reality.

So grab your popcorn and sit on your couch as you create your future life…the one you desire. It’s time to turn on your imagination and change your life.

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