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Living ChoicelesslyOMG! This concept is amazing! According to Dr. Jacob Liberman (author of Luminous Life) “focus comes from living choicelessly.”*

My first reaction was, “WHAT?” That goes against everything I learned and practice about how important choice is.

Then I kept on reading. In short, there are no choices, decision or options if you focus on what you are guided to do by noticing what is there and then doing that. For example, if you notice a coffee cup in the sink, do something with it. Wash, dry and put it in the cabinet. Or put it in the dishwasher. But do something. Then follow what you notice next and do that. The feeling you receive from living this way is a type of contentment when you know “that everything we are directed to accomplish is a sacred task.”

The choice comes in if you are going to follow that guidance or not. It’s that simple.

While I do some of what I notice, I will often put things off in my efforts to focus on something else. Overall, my focus is on feeling high vibe. Maybe doing things this way is an even easier way to feel even better. It’s worth a try.

Shoshi, my daughter, lives this way…somewhat. I’ve encouraged it during the consciousness expansion journey she has been on. She calls it following her guides. I call it being aware.

For example, while driving home from an appointment, she was guided to take a different, longer route home. She didn’t know why, but she did it anyway. Who knows? She may have avoided an accident in the process. The point is that she had the thought to drive this other way, and she did so.

Overall, this type of living has led her to live a life filled with joy. If she has the thought to get up and dance around her house, she does. If she has the thought to cleanse her crystals, she does. Now if only she would wash the dishes that I know are piled up in her kitchen sink.

What would it take for you to notice and do for just one day? Give it a try for one day and see how you feel. I’m going to do this also. Then let’s compare our experiences. Who knows? We may choose to live life choicelessly.

* Luminous Life, Dr. Jacob Liberman, page 178

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