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A Business is Born

As often happens, I get a visual when I meditate. This morning, I got a whole story. It began with my meditating for a better world.

My thought went to a city in Israel that I’d traveled through a few years ago. I instantly recognized it, although I can’t remember the name of the city. What I do remember is that half of the city was clean, and half was littered with garbage. Literally. This puzzled me.

In today’s meditation, one man in the garbage part of the city wanted a clean city. So, he took his broom and swept his front porch and sidewalk. As I watched in the meditation, he put the garbage in a bag and then took it to the landfill, which by the way was way too close. (I wonder what that was about?)

After doing this for a few days, a young boy of about eight came by and asked if he could take the garbage to the dump for five cents. The man was happy to give up this part of his task, as his car had been smelling from transporting the garbage.

Soon, others in the neighborhood started sweeping their porches and front sidewalks. The energy of the city began to perk up. And the kid was busy as the new garbage collector.

As soon as this story finished, I popped out of the meditation. That usually means I’m supposed to remember the visualization.

I know there are holes in the story and things aren’t always logical. And at the same time, I know that the story popped in for a reason. So, I went to my journal and wrote it down. Then when I asked myself what this was about, I got: A business was born. The kid saw an opportunity to fill a need and took it.

That led me to the big question: I wonder what opportunities I’ll see today that I’ll jump on and follow through with?

Every day, we are given opportunities by the Universe to fulfill our desires. The Universe then says, “If you do this that I’ve laid before you, then you will be one step closer to your desire.”

The man desired a clean city. He had the thought to sweep, so he did. He picked up his broom and swept his part of the city. His front porch and sidewalk. Soon others were doing the same.

The boy desired money. He saw the man and offered to take the garbage to the landfill for five cents. A business was born.

The city, as part of the world, desired to feel vibrant. Through the actions of the people, this was achieved.

The meditation’s intention of a better world became real through the story. I could feel the world take a deep breath, sigh and relax a little bit as everybody did their part.

Questions worth pondering:

• What desires are being born at this time?
• What is it that you desire?
• What opportunities are present?
• What is the Universe laying in front of you that if you were to see it, you would be willing to do this first step?
• And then the next?
• What would it take to dream of your desires and then follow the opportunities that come to you?

It’s all about what you are or are not willing to be, have and do. It’s up to you what opportunities you choose to take. The choice is yours.

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