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Worry FlipWhat assumptions are you making that if you weren’t making you would see things in a new light?

You know how when you talk, sometimes things don’t come out exactly as you meant them to? Talking in public is a new thing for me. I’m used to writing and editing then rewriting and more editing. You get the idea.

Well I was asking myself this assumption question after a recent interview on a podcast to promote my newly published book, Dear Future Lover. On the podcast, the person doing the interviewing (James Kademan, Authentic Business Adventures) happened to mention that most people don’t make money being an author. I shared my view that writing a book isn’t about making money (although that would be nice). Instead it’s about marketing. Then we went on to talk about the workshops and speeches I do.

Most people may make the assumption that marketing refers to promoting me. However, anyone who knows me, knows that I’m more comfortable promoting the ideas and not me per se. The only reason I’m “out there” is so that people can get some exposure to the principles in the book and can use them in their own lives for their benefit, so that they can create a life that works for them. After all, this method worked for me, and I know it will work for others. It’s about spreading the ideas.

I love to see when people “get it.” When that light bulb goes off. That’s why I do the workshops and speeches.

That got me thinking, “What assumptions will people have when they hear the interview? Will they even hear that part? Am I making a big deal about nothing?” All this got my worry mind spinning. That is until I asked, “What are the benefits to all of this? What is another point of view?”

What I came up with (so far) is that this will bring forth the opportunity to have a discussion about ideas and getting those ideas into the world. It will also give people an opportunity to examine what their assumptions are. And if anyone is so interested in this idea that they were listening to the podcast that closely, then perhaps they will learn something. Maybe they will even go out and buy the book, so that they can write their own journal to create their own future, a future that works for them. This sounds like a win to me.

Worry Flip Exercise

To get yourself out of your worry mind, take a look at the assumptions you are holding onto. They may be obvious or not. They may not even make sense. Just be open to asking the question (“What assumptions am I making?”) and seeing what shows up.

Then ask, “What is another point of view?”

Then flip them over and ask, “What are the benefits?” Be open to writing down the ones you know of and the ones you have yet to discover. You will discover more if you ask yourself a question. And if you write down your answers, you don’t have to hold them in your mind. More will come to you.

The next time your worry mind starts spinning, take a step back and look at the assumptions you are making and the benefits that are possible. Sometimes, just looking at something from a new perspective, will change the energy and create a different outcome.

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