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Dear Future ___________ JournalIt’s official! The private launch party has happened. Yes, I know Dear Future Lover has been available since December 12th and there have been some media events. That being said, it didn’t feel truly official until the launch party this past weekend.

The focus of the party was to create your own “Dear Future _________” journal. Everyone was so busy creating their vision covers that the rooms were silent. People were busy cutting and pasting words, phrases, and pictures on their own person journal as they sat at the dining room or kitchen tables. I love seeing the creativity. Some people even took the time to start writing in their journals.

It wasn’t until the end of the party, when someone said, “I thought you were going to talk about the book.” Truth be told, that never occurred to me. My focus was on helping everyone to create the life they desire and having a Dear Future journal will help them get it.

How to start your Dear Future ___________ journal:

  • Choose a dream or desire that you would like to be, have or do.
  • Ask yourself, “When I have this dream, what feeling or body sensation will I be experiencing?” (Hint. This feeling or sensation you have in your body is what you are hoping to have by having your dream come true, so, this is your true dream.)
  • (Optional) Decorate the cover of the journal in pictures and words that will give you a good feeling about your dream and the journal you are writing about that dream.
  • Take a moment and feel love and peace. Put yourself in the space of feeling that “of course” you have your dream already. (This is very important. This step is the power behind creation.)
  • Open the journal and begin writing, “Dear Future ____________.”
  • Fill in the blank with your dream, hope, desire or wish.
  • Write to your future dream as if you already have it.
  • When writing your dream, consider that the subconscious takes you literally. How can what you are writing be misinterpreted?
  • Remove anything in the negative. The Universe doesn’t recognize “not.” If you are repeating the negative, then your focus is on what you don’t want instead of what you do desire. And what you focus on is what you get.
  • Play with the wording until it feels expansive. Leave it open enough for possibilities you haven’t even thought of. Leave any limitations on the cutting room floor.
  • Write a series of letters to your dream.
  • Hint. If you write before you go to bed, your subconscious can work on helping you create your dream, desire, hope or wish as you sleep.

It’s time to start creating your future that works for you. What will it take for you to take the first step in writing your journal?

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