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Morning BlendWhat a way to start the year! (Or end one.) On Monday, I was on a Milwaukee morning TV show, The Morning Blend. The hosts, Molly and Tiffany, were so easy to talk with and were great as we discussed my just released book, Dear Future Lover. They were fascinated that I was able to write letters to my future lover and then reel him in.

The fact that I was able to be relaxed as we talked was amazing. I was so focused in on the discussion, that I forgot the cameras were there – almost.

Years ago, if I had to talk with people I’d freeze up. It didn’t matter if I talked with just a few or 400. I was reserved. To get over this, I did a lot of dream creation and aligning. In short, I (and Dr. Jahner, my mentor) asked lots of questions and cleared the energy that popped up.

We had clear intentions and focus in mind each time I had the opportunity to speak to a group. When I had to give a speech at my oldest daughter’s wedding, that gave us a focus to work toward. The speech was great, but I was still nervous.

Or when I was on another TV show when my first book was published, that gave us another focus to clear more of my nerves.

Fast forward (and lots of clearing) to Monday. I wasn’t nervous before the show, and in fact, I was very high vibe. I just knew deep down that it would be smooth. And it was. The aligning and clearing were totally worth it. It was a great feeling of awesomeness. I was the best version of me (without the nerves).

Take a look at a video of Monday’s TV show (my segment).

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