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Might BeAs a kid, do you remember when you were served something at dinner that you just hated? And if you had parents like mine, you had to eat it anyway.

For me, that item was frozen squash. It was probably all squash. I just remember the frozen kind. It was an orange mush and for whatever reason whenever it was served, I turned my nose up at it. Thankfully, my folks were the type that said I only had to taste it…every time it was served. I spent the entire meal avoiding it until the end. That is except for a final bite of something that I did like so that I could end on a good taste.

Then one day, it tasted good. For whatever reason, my taste buds liked it. I asked my mom “What is this stuff? It’s good.”

Being brilliant, she answered, “Might be. It might be this and it might be that.”

From then on it was known as might be. Until one day, when I was in high school, and she asked me to get the squash from the freezer. “Squash. You know I hate that.” She looked at me in disbelief and shook her head. “It’s might be.” (I’d never made the connection in my brain between squash and might be, and thus spent way too long with the subconscious angst about squash.)

So, what does this have to do with energy? It’s simple. We do things for the feelings. I was avoiding the squash because I thought I’d feel better if I didn’t eat it. However, I was looking at it all wrong.

What if I chose to eat what I didn’t like first? Then I could spend the rest of the meal knowing that the yucky was behind me and I could relax and feel good longer.

At the end of the day, it’s all about feeling good. And the more you can do that, the more ease you will have in your life. At the very least, the yucky is done and you can check it off your to do list and get back to feeling good.

I was recently reminded of this while watching a video by Marissa Peer, a hypnotherapist. She was saying that everyone who is successful does what they don’t like to accomplish what they do desire. Her suggestion was to do whatever that was, first. Get it out of the way. Then you can get on with feeling good. Think of the athletes who don’t like the training so much and love the competing. To be successful, they do the training first.

Or imagine that phone call you don’t want to make, the chore that you just hate, or the exercise you keep avoiding. In your mind, you are imagining all the things that are difficult about it. You are stirring up your insides avoiding it. In short, you are falling out of your happy high vibe.

Marissa Peer uses hypnotherapy to overcome the reluctance. There is another way. As we approach the new year, think about something you avoid doing. Then do this exercise so you can get back to feeling good.

Align with the High Vibe

  1. Set the intention to feel good longer. This means that you will get the yucky, hard stuff done first so that you can get back to feeling your high vibe.
  2. Take a moment and feel the energy. Imagine you have a map in front of you. Find the points in this map space where the “thing” you don’t want to do is done AND the result is better than you ever imagined. Find the next point in this energy space map that feels even better than that.
  3. Repeat until the energy shifts. You will know this has happened because of some clue that your body will give you, such as a deep breath, a cough, or a sigh.
  4. Do the thing that you formerly avoided and get it over with.
  5. Give yourself a congratulatory gratitude moment and go back to feeling high vibe.

All the time you spend avoiding something is actually increasing your low vibe. If you can do “it” now and get it over with, you “might be” on the path to more ease through being high vibe. At the very least, the hard thing will be done, and you will feel better longer.

Footnote: There can be other reasons that things are hard to get done. For example, while at the behavioral ophthalmologist, I asked if the special glasses she gave me would help me get stuff done. Yes! According to her, when the sensory integration (the visual and auditory coordination) is off, everything requires more energy and effort. Thus, people tend to avoid doing certain activities until they have the energy. Interesting. I haven’t figured out the energy shifting part of this yet, but the glasses do seem to be making a difference.

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