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Delete. Clear. Release.It really works.

My sacrum (the lower part of the spine) kept twisting out of alignment and thus my right hip hurt. Metaphysically, this had something to do with moving forward with my business. I understood that, but it still wasn’t clearing. Then, a few days ago, I sat down to meditate and had the thought, “I’m tired of my back hurting. What is the root cause of the pain?”

As soon as my body settled down, another thought flew into my head. Years ago, I remember saying, “The only thing that’s hard about writing is sitting down to do it. I just have to put glue on my butt.” (What an ADHD comment.) After years of saying this, and as I learned more about the power of words, I stopped saying it. However, I never cleared, released or deleted the thought. Until a few days ago.

As soon as the thought registered in my head, I knew that it contributed to my back and hip pain. And I realized that there was a connection to my business moving forward. I’d been avoiding writing, a vital part of my business. I know. It’s weird since I love writing.

The Universe had answered my request. On the one hand, I’d said that I could write if I could sit down, and this was difficult for me. Thus the Universe gave me a situation that ensured I would sit down. On top of that, I’d been asking to move my business forward. Thus, more pain so I could sit more.

As soon as I made the connection during the meditation, I started saying anything to erase the energy about needing to sit down. Erase, erase, erase. Delete, delete, delete. Anything in the way of my moving freely and feeling great, am I willing to release and let go of forever? Then I took a giant chalk eraser and imagined me erasing the blackboard that had the idea of needing to sit down.

I sure surprised myself when I popped up after the mediation and the pain was down by half. In the few days since, the pain has continued to lessen. Any time I think of it, I’m clearing the energy.

This stuff really works. Woo Hoo!

In some way, the pain thinks it’s doing you a favor. It’s trying to give you a message. Perhaps,

  • You haven’t been listening to your body.
  • You said something in the past that would contribute to the pain.
  • It’s easier for your body to have the pain than to deal with a hidden issue.
  • Or something else.

Whatever it is, there is an emotional component to the pain. There is something at the root of it.

Yes, we can take medication, have surgery, and do other things to deal with the pain. However, until the emotional bit is deleted, the pain will return or just travel around your body trying to get you to pay attention so that you deal with the emotional energy.

Try it on yourself.

  1. Choose a pain you are experiencing.
  2. Sit quietly or take a walk in nature by yourself. In short, give yourself some quiet time.
  3. Ask yourself, “What is the root cause of this pain?”
  4. Pay attention to the first thing that pops into your mind and continue asking yourself questions. It will feel like an ah-ha when you land on the root cause.
  5. Delete or let go of the root cause. Now that you know it, you don’t need it any more.

If you have trouble with this, pay attention to what is coming up in your mind. What are you saying to yourself? Usually, there is a common theme.

Another alternative is to do this with someone so that they can LISTEN to you. They are not to give you feedback other than to say, “I notice a common theme of __________.”

Even if you don’t get an answer in the exact moment you ask, pay attention to the signs around you. The answer may pop into your awareness. For example, I texted someone. The wrong someone. It turns out that when we called to laugh about it, I had an answer that she had just asked for from the Universe.

This stuff really works! Have fun as you are curious and play with the pain. Your body is trying to give you a message. Once you have the message, the pain can go away. Message received.

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