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Deep Dive Update
The last time I wrote it was the beginning of June, and my intention was to take a few weeks off. This turned into a few months. There is always a good reason, and in the end, it is a choice. I chose to put my focus on other things.

There was lots of traveling and my initial idea was to spend time doing a deep dive into my business. However, I ended up deep diving into something more important.

You see, my husband had a health issue. I could have chosen the “social media way” and talked about it to death, possibly increasing my blog exposure at the same time. All that would have happened is that the focus would have been on the problem (and everyone’s opinions), not the solution.

As I saw it, my “job” was three-fold. I chose to be an emotional support, to research (which I love to do) and to be a high vibe. That’s it. I chose to not push my business at the same time.

The first two are obvious. So, let’s just jump to the later – being a high vibe. As you probably know, there is more ease in life when we approach anything from a high vibe such as peace, love, gratitude, kindness, and compassion. I could be most effective if I maintained a high vibe and encouraged Bruce to do the same.

This was so important that we didn’t tell people about the health scare (except for a rare few). We didn’t want people’s pity, opinions, moans, groans, or constant asking about it. We didn’t want them weighing into what was happening. That’s right. We kept our mouths shut. (And if you know us, don’t ask. Maintaining a high vibe is more important than talking about it.)

Bruce started juicing and eating healthy, which led to him losing 30 pounds. This was a big change for a sugar-holic. Both of us are eating whole food, plant based. This means mostly plants (fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, and such) as well as a limited amount of fish or chicken. (Although, my weight loss wasn’t anything like his.)

Another benefit to this new way of eating is that his thinking is clearing up.

In addition, our relationship is even stronger.

And it worked. Bruce had surgery, and the lab reports are all good. The doctors even commented on his great attitude and my being so calm. All of this happened because we kept our vibes high and our eyes on the dream of being healthy. (Incidentally, one of my dreams for 2019 was to increase my compassion. This qualifies as fulfilling my dream in an unexpected way.)

So, while my intention was to do a deep dive into my business, I ended up doing another type of deep dive – into my relationship with my husband. All things considered. It was worth it.

Oh, and just so you don’t think I was a total slacker, my next book Dear Future Lover is ready to print. (Thank you Kate and Sara for your help with this.) It should be available in a week or two. I’m very excited.

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