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It Works or It Doesn’tEveryone around me breathed a collective sigh of relief. I’d chosen to stop some of the supplements that a new doctor had me taking. Something in them wasn’t agreeing with me. As it was, I could only tolerate one half of one pill (instead of the 12 the doctor prescribed). And even with that, my husband said that I’d lost my happiness, and he thought he’d lost me.

It took a few days to clean up my body until I was feeling better. My smiles were quick to return. Smiles are so much better than blahs. (And my doctor and I are approaching things from a different direction.)

This was an interesting experience. When I first tested the energy, I got the energetic hit that this doctor would help me. My oops was that I didn’t ask my subconscious if these supplements would help me. That will teach me to keep asking questions and searching for more clarity.

If the doctor is helping me, and it’s not those supplements, then what else could it be? Maybe it’s the other supplements she gave me? Maybe I needed to learn more about compassion for others going through something chemical? After all, I’m working with the homeless and many of them have other things going on, such as chemical imbalances.

Yes, I’ve been working with some people who happen to be homeless. I’ve been teaching them the same stuff I share with you. After all, if the dream creation stuff works, then it works for everyone, not just one segment of the population.

I’ve learned a lot during the process. For one, I like the people who come to my classes. Many of them have an interest in changing their lives, and they are willing to try something new. (Much like I was willing to try something new when I tried the supplements.) Also, when they have gains, they are very excited.

In addition, I’ve learned to keep things short and sweet by focusing on one small bit of information and really diving into it. Of course, the more upbeat (to the point of being silly) I am, the more the topic seems to sink in. This is something that was the same when I taught grade school. Maybe it’s just teaching.

So what is the common denominator in all this? Finding my happy.

To find my happy, I gave up what doesn’t work (the supplements) and did more of what does work (teaching small bits of information, diving into it, and being silly with it).

And this is the clue to happiness. Stop what doesn’t work for you. Do what does work for you.

To find your happy, take a moment (the best is to look at each moment) and decide if what you are about to do works for you or not. Be sure to look long-term as well as in the moment. Don’t give up your long-term desire for a short-term benefit. Sometimes, the working for you bit, includes a few things that you don’t particularly like.

For example, doing well on a test feels good, and going to a party is often fun. Both make you happy. However, if you give up studying to go to the party, you quite possibly might not do well on the test, which doesn’t feel so good and doesn’t translate to working for you. So, when you are looking at something working for you or not, be sure to look down the road as well as in the moment.

Are you willing to let go of what doesn’t work for you? It’s that simple. Find what works for you and do it. Below are some things that work for me. Give them a try. They may be exactly what you are looking for to improve your life.


  • Ask lots of questions (of your subconscious).
  • Listen to your inner guidance.
  • Pay attention to your feelings and body sensations.
  • Look for what works for you and do more of that.
  • Let go of the things that don’t work for you.
  • Consider your long-term desires, and ask yourself, “What can I be, have or do to achieve them?” Then do what works for you.

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