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Deep Dive IntensiveWhat if you set aside four full days to reimagine your life? Or your business? Or your relationship? Doing an intensive look into what you would like seems like a luxury, and yet, it is still very valuable.

Last month, I did this deep dive intensive session with a friend/client of mine who had had a very challenging year, which included a house fire (and rebuild), her ex-husband dying, and moving in with her fiancé…among other things.

We pulled out all the stops. We met at my Florida condo over a long weekend. My daughter, Shoshanna, was there to lend her skills as a “bad ass perspective shifter.” Even my husband chimed in. The four of us spent four days deep diving and dreaming about what else was possible for my friend’s business (and in truth her whole life).

We did dream creating and energy aligning whenever it popped up, which was very often…at breakfast, lunch, dinner, on the beach and in restaurants. In fact, we were at one restaurant so long that we ordered twice. And one night, when I came out of my room for a drink of water, I even found Shoshi and my friend continuing to deep dive at midnight. Personally, the best part was doing the aligning while wave jumping.

By the end of the four days, we were all exhausted, and so much had shifted. My friend went home and immediately noticed differences with her business and now has a vision for a direction that she is excited about. And her relationship has improved. She has since requested that we do it again to clear up anything that gets in the way of her vision becoming her reality. This was music to my ears.

This got me thinking. Maybe I can do this for my own business? And then the opportunity fell into my lap. Everyone who is normally in my house will be out of town the same week. I have my house to myself for an entire week. I think it’s been over 10 years since this has happened. To say the least, I’m ecstatic!

And the way things have worked out, this will be a perfect week for me to do a deep dive. Almost nothing is on the calendar. I sat down yesterday and planned out possibilities that I can do to enhance this experience and came up with more than I’d imagined…journaling in a question/answer format, meditation, deep clean various things in my house to get rid of the no-longer-useful stuff (symbolically letting go), watching a DVD series that I bought in the spring (Uncompromised Life, MindValley), and maybe even doing a vision board. I’ve even been asking the Universe who I could reach out to for in depth help. The more I thought of, the more I got excited.

Up to now, something has been missing. Thus, I’m going to be taking a step back from business and taking a deep dive sabbatical for myself. I quickly realized that a week may not be enough to get a clear direction with me owning my expression (whatever form it takes), and the “YES! I want this” feeling.

So, what does this mean for you? You will benefit from all the energy shifts that I’m throwing out into the world. So, if things change for you, please let me know what the changes are. In addition, I’ll be stepping back from blogging, speaking, and leading workshops. I’ll still be available for coaching.

Please keep me posted on the changes you are experiencing. You can write to me at When I’m ready to surface from my deep dive dream creating, I’ll let you know the results. Until then, have fun and enjoy every day.

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