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Thank You, SelfLove yourself. This is something that is pretty standard in the spiritual / energy / consciousness communities. Today, I stumbled on another way to do this. I was working with a client and when I told her to look at her naked self in the mirror and love each part of herself, the energy response was a bit flat.

Then I realized that just out and out loving yourself is a BIG step and many people can’t make the leap. As we continued talking, we touched on turning the seemingly “bad” stuff that happens into something that is a benefit. For example, the hips that are too big are perfect to hold your pants up. Imagine if you didn’t have any hips at all. You may have to walk around with your legs spread wide to keep your pants from sliding down. This waddle would eventually put stress points in your hips, and you’d end up with pain. Hips are beneficial.

The client and I started talking about thanking others. We were then led to saying thank you to ourselves. Thank you heart for pumping my blood so efficiently. Thank you thighs for being strong and helping me to stand up. Thank you teeth for chewing my food so well. Thank you orgasm for feeling so good. Thank you… You get the idea.

Many of us forget that we can thank ourselves. What could your life be like if you chose to thank yourself each day…or multiple times a day?

This even works for the things in our lives. Shoshi literally hugs and kisses the walls of her house. She thanks it for providing shelter, a sense of peace and creativity. She shares her love with it. She even asks that if it’s uncomfortable, to let her know with a gentle nudge instead of an all-out catastrophe. We laugh about it, but it seems to be working.

I’ve even started doing it with my own home. Perhaps if I’d started doing this sooner, I wouldn’t have so many leaks. (Although, it’s possible that it would be worse if I hadn’t. It was a wet winter, and my house was originally built in 1893.)

Inspired Action:

Let’s try something. In this moment, say, “Thank you” to yourself. Now say it again as if you mean it. Find something you can thank yourself about. Say, “Thank you.” Find a couple more things. Repeat this a few times. The energy is a little bit different than gratitude and helps you see things in a new way.

For example, thank you, eyes for being able to read this blog. Thank you, brain for understanding what you are reading. Thank you, computer or phone for bringing this information to you. Thank you, self for taking the time to expand and improve.

Once you do this, take a moment and feel what you are feeling. If this is a bit new, you may be feeling a bit silly. Go beyond that. That is just your brain and ego interfering.

Really feel what it feels like to say thank you and mean it. It’s a gentle peacefulness. That’s high vibe. From this place, you can create your dreams and in fact, your dreams become the method for which you experience more gentle peacefulness. And along the way, you will learn to love more of yourself.

So, start with a simple thank you. And then keep on going.

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