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Guide Me UniverseA doctor friend of mine is doing a weight loss class with a few select patients and asked for my help. She’s benefited from my coaching and asked me to coach the class through the process to help them align their energy so that the process has more ease. This sounded exciting, and I readily accepted the offer.

It’s not as if I’m at a super thin weight. It wouldn’t hurt me to lose a few pounds. But I’m at the point that I’m okay with me. Thus, I don’t have the urgent internal yearning. This is all good. It allows me to be happy with me as I am or happy with me at a lesser weight. I’m happy either way, which is pretty darn good. (I still have to get happy with me at a higher weight, even though I hope I never experience it.)

My first step was to ask the Universe to bring to my attention anything that will help me coach these clients. In particular, “Universe, HELP! What do I need to know to help them?”

One of the messages I received was an insight that I got while coaching someone last week. She wants to lose weight.

I had the thought that she would benefit from learning hand balancing. This is an exercise were your hands are face up, elbows bent, arms hanging loosely at your side. The idea is to put an idea in one hand and another idea in the other hand. Begin by feeling which side is heavier. Then pour the energy from one hand to the other until the thoughts weigh the same. This neutralizes the energy. (It really works.)

In one hand, I asked her to place the idea “I love my body.” She had been talking about being hypnotized to love her body. I’d heard about loving the body as a way to lose weight.

Then it hit me. In the other hand, she had to place the thought, “I want to lose weight. I hate the weight. I hate this part of me so much that I want it to go away. I want to literally chop it off. Forever!”

Woah! That had a lot of energy attached to it. (The more dramatic the thought, the more energy that is revealed.)

We are told to love our bodies, and yet at the same time, we want something to be different. This is certainly something to look into as I’m exploring the energy associated with weight loss.

Another message I got from the Universe happened today. Before writing this blog, I found my nose in the cabinet, and when I asked, “What am I avoiding?” the answer jumped out at me. Writing this blog. I closed the cabinet, sat down to meditate, and then whipped this blog out.

The Universe is ready, willing and able to help you. All you have to do is ask, and then be willing to receive the answer.

What will make asking the Universe work even better?

  • Be polite.
  • It can be in a formal or conversational manner.
  • Ask for something specific (for example, I asked for help coaching these clients).
  • While at the same time, be as broad as possible. (I didn’t ask for ways to help them eat less.)
  • Ask for what you want, not what you don’t want. (“Please help me be healthy,” instead of “Please help me not be fat.”)
  • Know that the answers will come to you in unexpected ways at unexpected times.
  • Be open to magical help or thoughts coming into your awareness.
  • It’s up to you to take action to benefit from the help.

It all began with my friend asking for help and then me turning around and asking the Universe for help. We live in a world that encourages us to ask for guidance. Ask and you shall receive.

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