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Creating Through PlayI’m on a roll. The words are flowing. As I finish one blog, another begins. This feels GREAT! And leads to a few questions:

– What would it take for this to happen more often?
– What could I be, have or do so that this occurs more often?
– What happened before this that kicked it off?

Play. That’s right. Play. Play is the creative energy. Yesterday, Shoshi and I went for our weekly energy alignment lunch. We stepped into the restaurant and felt the energy. Outside seating was nice and it was a beautiful day, so logic would say eat outside. However, inside felt calmer, more relaxed and expansive, so we chose to eat inside. As it turned out, this was the perfect choice for us.

Taylor Swift music was playing in the background, and we were bouncing to the beat in our seats. We were being high vibe. Thanks, Taylor. Our dream for the day was to do something creative and expand our energy while writing a bad book. There wasn’t any pressure to do a good job. Our only measure was, “Did we feel expansive as we created?” For us, this was play.

Seven hours later we chose to stop. That’s a lot of play. We didn’t stay in the restaurant for all that time. After we ate, we came home, changed and went outside to the pool. I even got in a swim, which I kept interrupting myself by popping up and yelling out another idea. And then we showered and made dinner.

Did we write the book? No, but we came up with the concept. And in fact, we created the beginnings of two other dreams as well. Both of these projects are related to dreams we had already stated. So, they weren’t new per se. Although the way they came together is new. And if I must say, they are each much better than if we had powered through and tried to think linearly of a way to create them.

In fact, one dream was one that Shoshi has been contemplating for years. As we played and created, the whole thing came together. As I swam, I watched her pace the deck and flip energy looking for anywhere that she wasn’t in alignment so that she could be totally in alignment with her dream. It’s going to be awesome! (I can’t tell you what it is until she’s ready to share.)

Not bad. We had fun. We created the beginnings of three separate dreams. And because our energy was so high, the energy spilled over to today, and we are both benefiting from it still. And on top of that, we are feeling great.

I’m excited to play with our bad book. We may choose to write it. We may choose to just brainstorm about the possibilities. It may be bad. And it may be good. In the end, it’s all about the energy we create. Since play is the creative energy, I’m sure our playing will lead to more creativity (and dreams fulfilled) in our future…as well as more Taylor Swift.

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