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Yeah! A SignSquirrelly has a new meaning after today for my friend, a doctor. She went into the office on Sunday for an emergency patient after not having been there for three days. Before opening the door, she looked through the glass panels and saw that her office had been tossed. It looked like a bomb had gone off. Then she saw the squirrel sitting on the counter. Apparently, it had been trapped in the office for three days.

She has no idea how it got in as it would have had to go through two doors to enter the office. However, it took advantage of the nutrition bars for sale on the counter. The coconut one and the cherry one weren’t to his liking. It did, however, enjoy three of the all berry ones. As you can imagine, there was excrement all over the office. She had to close the office to re-sanitize it and put it back together.

Of course, she could have looked at it as, “Oh no! Why me?” Fortunately, she is used to looking at things as signs from the Universe. She quickly realized that a squirrel is really just a rat and “rats” is actually slang for an exclamation of disappointment, disgust, or disbelief. Extrapolating from there, she realized that the other doctor in her office, who has never pulled her weight, was what the message was about. It was time to cut ties with her.

My friend had been getting gentle nudges about this message and had been ignoring them. She even had a little shove. However, it took getting hit over the head with a sledge hammer (the squirrel mess and resulting loss of business) to shift her into action. The decision was made. It was time to part.

How many times do you get gentle nudges, ignore them and say, “It’s not that bad”? Then you do nothing…except wait for the nudges to become a sledge hammer. It doesn’t have to be that way. If we pay attention to the signs around us, especially the ones that repeat, then we can course correct with minor adjustments and never need to get “hit over the head.” Life can be so much easier and work for us instead of against us.

Don’t wait for the squirrels in your life to wreak havoc. Pay attention to the nudges. What are you getting a nudge about today that if you took action on you would be much happier and things would work for you?

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