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Reality Is What You Make ItThere are many ways to get things done. Just because other people do “it” in a certain way doesn’t mean you have to do it that way. Your reality is what you make it. It’s dependent on your thoughts, feelings and actions. What you think, feel and do strongly influence what your reality becomes.

Very often the actions that we choose are those that others have done or think are the only ways to accomplish something. However, if you follow your next inspired steps, the actions you are led to do may be different than what others would choose. This doesn’t mean they are wrong. Listen to your intuition to choose your next inspired step. It may be something different than what others choose.

What would it take for something to happen in a new way?
What would it take for things to show up differently for you?
What would it take for whatever that new way is to be phenomenal for you?
If you knew what your next inspired step might be, what might it be?

Very often, the clue is to allow yourself to step out of the way and allow for something even better than you ever imagined to come to you. And that is just what my personal trainer did. He was looking for ways to increase his social media presence and thus his impact on people’s health. I never would have chosen the way he chose. But it works for him.

He has 20,000 Instagram followers. (When I get there, I’ll be dancing a jig.) He’s much more diligent about it than I am, as he constantly posts videos of different workout exercises and routines. He’s always on the lookout for other ways to increase his number of followers.

One day, he mentioned that he wouldn’t be training the beginning of the next week as he was going to LA. I jokingly said, “Are you trying out for a reality TV show?” As it turned out, he was. After lots of interviewing, poking, prodding, investigating, and so on, he was chosen to be on this “new” show.

It’s a dating show, and I didn’t get it. Yet, when I asked him why he chose to do this, he was very strong in feeling that this will help him get his name and message out into the world.

Personally, I’d never go this route, but he’s willing to. He’s willing to take ten weeks of his life and devote it to being “exposed” on TV. It’s exposure that would have taken him much longer to achieve using the “normal” methods. He is making his reality work for him.

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