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Love and InclusionThe family came together to celebrate. They left politics at the door. Family misunderstandings were put aside. Varying cultures blended for a great day. Love was present for the young man (Isaac) who was celebrating his bar mitzvah (a Jewish right-of-passage into adulthood).

That morning in temple, Isaac talked about inclusion instead of exclusion. And that is what happened. People were included…even me, and I am technically the ex of his uncle. That’s right, I’m included in my ex’s family events. And even my new husband is included. I know this seems strange, but it works.

The inclusion continued throughout the party in the evening. Imagine a mix of North Shore Jewish, Puerto Rican and Mexican people, and throw in a few Polish Catholics. The party was great. Dancing included Uptown Funk, the hora, the salsa, and even a traditional Puerto Rican dance called the bomba, which included drumming. Overall, there was something for everyone, and it was a lot of fun. Even Isaac’s grandmother threw down her cane and was doing the salsa.

It was also great to catch up with family and find out what everyone is doing. Someone who hadn’t been talking to me before even came up to me and gave me a hug. Isaac’s mother commented that the same thing happened to her from the same person.

We have both been doing dream creation and releasing, so wondered what caused the change, and in the end, decided that it was probably that we had released whatever had been holding it in place. We both wondered what exactly it was that we had released. However, as is often the case, we don’t know. Very often we just set our dreams, release anything keeping us from them, and along the way, things show up differently that aren’t even related to our dreams.

Imagine if the whole world could release whatever it is that pulls us apart excluding one another, and instead focused on love and inclusion. Maybe what we need is just a really big dance party.

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