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Have you ever been dragged “kicking and screaming” into a new experience and found out it wasn’t so bad, when in fact, it was pretty darn good?  This is what happened to me yesterday.  Shoshi and I were at Naples Flatbread for our “weekly” energy lunch. This is something we started about nine years ago.  We get together for lunch, play with energy and align it within ourselves. (The weekly is in quotes because sometimes it’s daily and sometimes it’s on the phone.)

At this particular restaurant, I normally order the gluten free crust and am very satisfied. However, when I ordered, I was told that the gluten free crust was no longer available.

Inside my head I was screaming, “WHAAAAAT?” Outside I put on a smile (actually my mouth literally dropped open and my eyebrows shot into my hairline).  The waitress then said that the cauliflower crust was still available. It was gluten free and dairy free. And she didn’t know why the owners had dropped the gluten free crust.

With a resigned sigh, I ordered the cauliflower crust.  Mentally, I prepared myself for a soggy “crust” that I would have to eat with a knife and fork and had a cauliflower taste.  This was followed by more disappointment.  The wings that we ordered had a sauce that was too spicy for me. Normally, I like spicy, but I just wasn’t feeling it yesterday.  And they were the least spicy, or so I thought.

When I did a mental inventory of my conversation with the waitress, I realized that I hadn’t asked the right question.  I’d asked which of two was least spicy.  I’d made the assumption that they were the least spicy of the choices.  Oops.  My mistake.

What other assumptions was I making that would be incorrect?

I put down the wing I was eating.  My body didn’t truly want it.  I was fine with the choice. (Although, I did mentally reach for the wing a time or two.)

Then the flatbread arrived. Soggy?  No way.  Delicious? You bet!  I gobbled up half the flatbread until my stomach bulged.  Then took the rest home for dinner, which I continued to eat until my stomach literally hurt.  I mean I had to put a hot corn bag on my stomach. I was that full. After all, cauliflower does have a bit of a gassy effect.

Now, I’m wondering how soon I can return to Naples Flatbread for another cauliflower crust.  Or, what would it take for me to make one at home? The first step would be to look on the internet for directions.  I guess you know what I’ll be doing this afternoon.

So, while I was initially hesitant to try something new, it turned out fantastic.  That got me wondering.  What other things am I resisting just because I’ve made an incorrect assumption?  If I let go of the assumption, would I actually expand my choices?  Would the outcome be even better than I could have imagined?

Then this morning I read an article about Jayne Wrightsman and how she went from rags to riches. The author used the word “reimagine” and that fascinated me.  Did she do it intentionally? Or was she in the “right place at the right time”?

While I’d never want her loveless life, the idea of reimagining a life does intrigue me. What if we left ourselves open to reimagine everything?  What would you reimagine?

And isn’t this what we are doing with Dream Creations?  We’ve already imagined what we have.  We know it. But if we reimagined our lives, what would we be open to that we previously weren’t?

This sent an energetic shockwave through me.  Instead of imagining your dreams, try thinking of reimagining your life.  And whatever is getting in the way of that, are you willing to release and let it go forever?

Are you willing to try something new?  After all, a great new cauliflower crust may be just around the corner for you if you are willing to give up the assumptions and are open to reimagining what is possible.



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