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Apparently, I’m a motivational speaker. “Hello Dream Creators.” And the speech began. I projected my voice and my confidence grew with each laugh and comment from the audience. This audience is my favorite type. They interacted with me as I spoke.

Saturday, I gave a speech about Being a High Vibe at Wheatle Peart’s Global Luxury Tea Party. This was more than a tea party. It was a networking event for women business owners (some as far away as Africa).

My big concern was remembering my speech. After many revisions, it was written out in big type (so I didn’t need my glasses). However, I knew from past speeches that if I have it written I tend to read instead of speak. But that isn’t what happened.

Forget the microphone. My energy was so big that everyone in the room could hear me. Forget the written copy. I was off and running without it. It was only when I had a momentary brain freeze that I’d refer to my outline. Forget boring. This speech was big and lively – just how I like them.

By the end, everyone in the room was a high vibe, and I had multiple people come up to me saying that I was so motivational.

I was embracing the feeling of being a high vibe. And in doing so, others got to experience it also.

So, what is high vibe? It’s all those yummy feelings such as compassion, love, gratitude, kindness, peace, and so on. They expand your life and feel expansive in your body. Your personal power lies within the high vibes. For once you are being high vibe (versus touching on it occasionally), life flows and it takes almost no “umph” to get stuff done.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? The key is to be the high vibe. This means to actually live it. Do things that build your high vibe such as meditation, movement, creativity, laughter, gratitude, being in nature, deep breathing, and so on.

In addition, whenever you have a choice, ask yourself “Will this build my high vibe?” As you reach for that potato chip, pause, ask and listen. Your body will let you know if that potato chip will feed your high vibe by giving you a contracted or expanded feeling. If it’s expanded, eat the potato chip. If, however, your body contracts and it feels like a gut punch, find something else to eat.

These are subtle feelings and will take some time to recognize. But stay with it. Once you learn to recognize the sensations and learn to follow them, you will be well on the way to be your high vibe self.

And once you are, you will be a high vibe motivation for yourself and those around you.

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