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For the past few weeks, I’ve been MIA.  I haven’t written and shared.  There are a dozen reasons, and when you get right down to it, I chose not to.  I chose to honor what my body was going through. And I discovered that even when I was “down,” I was still an awesome dream creator.  (Clue.  Be careful what you say.)

You see, I’d gone to a new doctor who put me on different supplements to balance out the zinc and copper in my brain.  Apparently, this could have an influence on reducing my headaches.  I was willing to try.

I never anticipated the physical reactions.  My headaches were worse until I adjusted the amount I was taking.  I couldn’t sleep for longer than 3-4 hours, and only if I was exhausted.  My whole (inside) body was inflamed. And at the same time, my upper back felt like it was on fire, especially when I was sitting at my computer. This was a sign for me to back away and regroup. After three weeks of this, I asked for help from a different doctor who knows my body and could balance out some of the reactions.

For the most part, I was at peace during the process and did many things to help my body. To ease the experience, I ate more fruits and veggies and less protein.  Ideally, my meditation would have increased, but it decreased slightly. But I did do lots of gratitude, reading, resting, gentle exercising, and even watching TV.  (Shoshi turned me on to the TV show, Eureka.  It was very good for stretching the imagination.)

Luckily, I was in Florida and my schedule was very flexible.  Then I had to return to Chicago and a busy schedule.  In fact, I got so tired that I just didn’t care anymore…about anything.  I put a lot of umph in my “I don’t wants” even though underneath I knew it was just the tired speaking.  I love my husband, but I didn’t want to be married any more.  I love writing, coaching and teaching, but I didn’t want to do those any more.  I love _______ (fill in the blank), but I didn’t want to do it.  And yet, I kept on plugging away.  Until I couldn’t.

I was supposed to teach a workshop (the third of the week) and woke up in the morning with laryngitis. I couldn’t get a whole sentence out without sounding like a frog croaking (when I could make any sound at all), and I certainly couldn’t project across a room.  A cold had been trying to break through and the supplements I was taking to boost my immune system helped.  The cold only settled in my throat.

After canceling the workshop, it occurred to me that I had created what I’d asked for earlier in the week. By having laryngitis, I couldn’t teach. I amazed myself with my dream creation – even though that’s not the dream I have overall, it was the dream with the greatest energy at that moment.

So, what is the take away from this story?

  • Honor your body.
  • Sleep is important. Don’t wait three weeks to ask for help.
  • Ask for help.
  • Pay attention to the words you think and speak. They have an influence on what occurs.
  • Eating fruits and veggies (and less protein) is easier on the body. (And I lost five pounds.)
  • Look for the golden nugget. What is right or useful about whatever shows up?


And here are a few questions that will help you on your path to creating your dreams:

  • What are you wishing for in this moment that is blocking you from your greater wishes and dreams?
  • What is useful about what is happening in your experiences?
  • If you were truly honoring yourself, what is it you would do in this moment?
  • And wherever you are blocking yourself, are you willing to release and let it go forever?


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