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Find the FunDuring today’s releasing lunch with Shoshi, we touched on finding the fun in the mundane. She wasn’t looking forward to a meeting coming up because of the dynamics of the people involved. However, she then mentioned that she used to look at the meetings and imagine that she was in a reality TV show and looked at the drama as something to have fun with. Once she reminded herself of this, she was able to shift her perspective.

That’s often all it takes. Looking at something from a new perspective shifts the energy. Try asking yourself: If I were to make today fun, what would I do?

Would you watch a romantic comedy? Read a book? Sing a song? Tell jokes? Dance around your kitchen? Learn a new game? Try something new? Go sky diving? Climb a tree?

The list can be endless if you are willing to open yourself to new and old experiences. What they have in common is that they can fulfill your intention to have fun. The simple act of looking for the fun and planning to have fun allows the Universe to bring experiences to you.

Give it a try. Just for today, what can you do for fun? What would you do more of? Less of? Differently? If you were to do something fun right now, what might that be? Whatever is getting in the way of experiencing fun are you willing to release and let go of forever?

The simple act of changing her viewpoint from a boring meeting to a reality TV show allowed Shoshi to create fun in her life. And then on the heels of that, she was quick to point out that if people were to watch her reality TV show, they would be bored. People would say, “Look at that facial expression as she reads that book.” She is an expressive reader and prefers her drama in her books instead of real life.

However, if her imagination runs wild imagining the meeting in a reality TV show, it all works in her favor. After all, her perspective influences her experience and being an observer of the drama is much preferable to being in the drama. So, what are you going to do today for fun?

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