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You Don’t SayWhat are you saying that you don’t realize that you are saying that are throwing kinks into your life? Very often we say or think things in jest, and the Universe doesn’t know that these throw away comments aren’t meant as instructions to follow. Yet, that is precisely what happens. The subconscious mind blurts out your words in a phrase that you just happen to say, takes them as instructions and then communicates them to the Universe, who will then bring your words to life.

When I’m talking with someone and they say one of these throw away phrases, my mind recognizes it, and internally, I say “Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.”

For example, I was at a seminar and the speaker was commenting that others have stolen his teachings and are saying that they are teaching the stuff that he developed. He commented on this a few different times during the seminar. I wondered what is it that he is telling himself to bring this reality to life? Then, on the last day, he happened to say, “Everything gets taken away from me.”

My internal bell went off. Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.

If he believes this statement to be true, then of course others will take his teachings away from him. He just told the Universe to make this a reality.

In another example, I was talking to another man when he said, “My brain is a sieve. Why would I think it can hold anything?” Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.

In reality, he is very intelligent and interested in many topics. I presented him with another option. Perhaps you are very smart and have a lot of information in your brain and it just takes a few moments to sort through all that information to “find” the answer. By changing the focus and allowing for another possibility, he was able to open to another interpretation that was more beneficial to him.

The first step is to notice what you are saying. The next step is to stop saying it. Finally, it’s time to dissipate the energy of the phrase and change your perspective. The trick is to believe the new perspective.

There isn’t any reason to beat yourself up and get down on yourself for these phrases that pepper your life. Very often, we have said them for so long, that we aren’t even aware of them. When you do become aware of them, just think of them as something interesting. Then change your focus to something that works for you instead. This way, you can allow the kinks to dissolve as you say things that are supportive to you. After all, it either works for you or against you. It’s your choice which you choose.

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