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That’s How Life Should BeThe Universe worked in our favor. Last night, I thought we had plans, but I’d gotten the date wrong. As it turned out an opportunity fell into our laps.

Last night was the club talent show unbeknownst to us – until Bruce happened to talk with someone in the afternoon. His showmanship antennae started zinging and he sought out the DJ who was setting up the sound system for the evening.

After a moment of negotiations, a song was chosen, and Bruce was able to slide into the program. He came home all excited. Then his nerves said, “What are you doing? Your throat is still funky. This will be a different version of the song.” Well, his nerves danced around until he was on stage and the audience was laughing and clapping with him as various women and one man came up on stage and started dancing pretending that they were vying for his attention as he sang Your Man.

Overall it was a great performance. I’m so proud of him for getting up there and giving it a try. After all, joining a new club one week ago and jumping right in can be frightening. But he took the inspired action to ask about singing in the talent show and now people know who he is and came up to him with congratulations and welcome to the club.

Bruce’s inspired action led to him saying, “That’s how life should be…laughter, clapping and congratulations.” I think that says it all. This sounds like a great way to live.

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