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Rules RuleWhat we tell ourselves creates our realities. I had an interesting experience. I’d asked a doctor who was visiting to work with my daughter and while he thought about it, I was telling myself, “I can fit it in. I can fit it in. I can fit it in.” I meant that my schedule was so busy and this appointment was so important that I was willing to rearrange my schedule. However, it wasn’t until he spoke that I realized what had happened.

He paused as he thought. Then he said, “I can fit it in. It won’t be until 9 at night on Wednesday. Will that work?” That was perfect. I had a meeting that ended at 8. I didn’t have to reschedule anything.

So, what actually happened? I set up a rule for myself that “I can fit it in.” I focused on the rule that I did desire and repeated it quietly to myself. I knew that I could fit it in. (And of course, my high vibe gave it more umph. But that is a topic for another day.)

Rules are the things we tell ourselves. Very often we pick up rules from the people, advertisements, songs, and so on around us. These phrases become part of our reality and we aren’t even conscious of them. For example, a few years ago, I found myself exercising to a catchy song. Then it dawned on me. I was singing “I like big butts. I cannot lie.” While at the same time I was exercising to reduce the size of my butt. I laughed when this realization popped up. And then I found a different song to exercise to.

The whole clue is to have rules that work for you. It is up to you to decide on the rules for your life. Don’t let society, family or others tell you how they think it is or should be. Make up your own mind. The world could be falling apart for everyone around you, and at the same time your life can be great. It’s what you tell yourself and what you believe that influences the outcome for your life.

Some of my favorite rules are:

  • I always get what I want or something even better.
  • The Universe has my back.
  • Everything works out in my favor.
  • I arrive at the exact time that works for everyone. (This one is great when I’m running late, and don’t have to stress about the drive.)

As you tell yourself your rules, please allow for the demonstration of the rule to be better than you ever imagined and for it to show up in its own time and its own way. Let go of thinking that it has to be a certain way. Life is so much better when you have some flexibility.

When you set up your rules, begin with what is it that you truly want to happen? Then play with the wording until you include the feeling you will have when you have the desired thing as well as the underlying desire. Let go of every time the old rule shows up. Just laugh it off and say, “Oh, that’s how it used to be. Now, I know…” Fill in the new rule. Keep your focus on the new rule. This will allow the Universe to bring experiences to you that match your rule.

If you still don’t like your experiences, take another look at your rules. You may have one that cancels out another. The clearer your thinking is, the clearer your message to the Universe will be. And then watch as the experiences come to you that match your rules.

Give up trying to please others by following their rules. Make up your own. As my daughter says, “My world revolves around me.” This is true for everyone. Your world revolves around you and my world revolves around me…based upon the thoughts and feelings each of us have. Create the rules that work for you to have a life that works in your favor.

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