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Feel the DesireAre you looking forward to the best Valentine’s Day ever? Have past ones been less than you wished for? You have one day to turn things around. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Are you up for the challenge?

Very often when we wish for something, we are actually wishing that it is NOT like something. Such as, “I wish that this year he does not forget to celebrate the day.”

Well, here’s the deal. The Universe doesn’t hear the word “not,” so you are actually asking for the opposite of your desire. So, drop the word “not.”

What is your actual desire?

Think about what you are actually asking for. Chances are you are asking for a feeling. After all, we ask for things because of the feelings those things give us. Look forward and choose what you will feel when your desire comes true.

When you get that special valentine, what will you feel?
When your honey invites you out for dinner and surprises you with something special, what will you feel?
When you close your eyes at night (with a smile on your face), what will you be feeling?

It’s all about the feeling. This way, you have told the Universe the feeling you are asking for and aren’t limiting the way the feeling can show up. It can literally show up in a variety of ways. Be open to something better than you could have imagined.

Gratitude boosts your ability.

To boost your power to bring in what you truly desire, be grateful for your honey. Only think about the things you are grateful for and don’t mention the stuff that bugs you. It doesn’t matter if in years past your honey forgot about celebrating your relationship. It doesn’t matter if you are currently mad at your honey. Let it go for now.

And think of everything you are grateful for about your honey. Be sure to feel the gratitude and not just list it.

A funny thing will happen. You will feel better and your honey will be responding to you in a new way. Truth. This stuff really works. And in my experience, it works quickly. I hope your Valentine’s Day is everything you wish it will be.

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