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Breaking the RulesI don’t know what it means, but I perused my bookshelf and saw a fiction book titled “Breaking the Rules.” It was “old,” meaning published in 2009. I asked myself, “What was this book doing on my bookshelf with my transformation-type books?” Oh well, my eyes were attracted to it, so I chose that book to read while I munched on an apple and almond butter. Two chapters in, I could see that the female lead was confident and got right to the heart of an issue.

My snack was over, and I transferred over to my computer to write. Email called out to me and I followed the siren’s call. (This is also known as following an inspired action.)

“Oh good,” I thought, “Book Bub has some suggestions.” Of course. The first book at the top of the list was “Breaking the Rules.” Different author. I’d gotten the intuitive hit and didn’t need to look at email further at this point.

The odds of me seeing two books within a few minutes with the same name are very slim. So, this must be a sign. But of what?

I’m writing my next book. Am I supposed to break the rules to do so? Is what I’m writing about breaking the rules? Possibly. What rules am I supposed to be breaking? Does it have something to do with my marriage? So many questions.

What is breaking the rules truly about? If there was a common theme, what might that be? Doing what works regardless of what others (or myself for that matter) think it ought to be. Doing something in a new way. Reinvent. Or what if it’s not living up to what my personal rules are? So many nuances.

Maybe I’m trying too hard to figure it out. I have a choice. Keep noodling about it or ask for more clarification from the Universe. I choose the easy way.

“Universe, I’d like clarity on this please. What is the message you are trying to tell me? Please make the answer obvious. Thank you for your help.”

Now, I’ll be back to writing my book. I don’t have to spend any more head space thinking about this. The Universe has my back. (One of my rules.) I know that the answer will present itself. I’ll let you know what it’s in reference to when the Universe answers. In the meantime, what rules could you be breaking to allow them to work for you?

P.S. Happy 31st Birthday JT. As a kid, you were always very good about breaking the rules. Maybe this is about you? (I felt the energy. Nope. It’s something else. Whoop. This is a fun game.) Happy birthday. I hope it’s the best one yet.

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