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Living Moment by MomentLife happens moment by moment. The past has already happened. The future has yet to happen. And still each of those is made up of moments. In reality, we only have this moment. Then it is done, and we are on to the next.

We may as well live each moment as it happens and let go of the ones that have already happened since they are no more. It’s just memories of the moments that we hold onto in the neurons in our brains.

And as we know, what you focus on is what you get. If your brain is filled with the past, you repeat the past because that is where your focus is. If you are thinking about the future, you might worry about what may or may not happen, and your focus is on the moments that haven’t even happened yet. Therefore, depending on how you see those moments and where you are focusing, you are influencing your future.

I’ve done my share of living in past or future moments. Last week I decided that I was so busy that the only way to survive was to live in the present. And it was great. To do it, I simply decided that wherever I was, was what I’d focus on, and I let go of timing. No matter what I did, my focus was on appreciating the moment I was living.

So, what happened? I felt great, even on the few days I had a headache. My mind as well as my body was actually at each appointment. Confidence flowed throughout me and my shoulders were relaxed. Opportunities and compliments flowed. And because I was mentally “there,” I even added appointments and felt comfortable doing so.

In the past, I’d drain myself with mentally running through my schedule – in advance of it even happening. Often, I was tired before I started. Last week, however, by the end of the week, I was shocked at what I’d accomplished. I’d done a lot AND still felt great.

Being present in each moment was fantastic. And simple. It was only making the choice to pay attention to the present moment and what was happening in that moment. The past was left in the past and the future worry didn’t exist. Give it a try. It’s very nice. I highly recommend it.

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