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Dream Card (A surprise 6th part of our 5-part series)Lunch was fantastic. Sure, the food and waiter were great. What made it fantastic was that Shoshi (my daughter) brought some of her dream cards with her so that we could review them and rewrite the ones that weren’t clear enough.

As a mom, it warmed my heart that she asked for my help. As her coach, it was another wonderful lunch to help her create the life she is asking for…and getting. For those of you who don’t know, Shoshi came to me when she was 21, after a very tumultuous childhood, and said, “I’ve tried the medical route [to overcome depression] and it hasn’t worked. Teach me what you do.” She is now one of the happiest people I know and teaches alongside me. And a lot of that is because she is putting in the time and effort to create the life of her dreams.

It was so much fun to massage her desires and discover what it was she truly is aiming for. We covered multiple areas of her life. She talked about her desires. I distilled them down and wrote the bullet points. And together we created the wording for her dream cards.

So, what is a dream card? It’s an index card with the dream clearly written on it. That’s it. One true desire per card.

I’ve included the whole dream card process here. It seems long, but once you have the hang of it, it goes rather quickly. If you have done the five parts outlined in the 2019 Rocks! Series (see Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), this will be a breeze. Once you know what it is your desire and dream is about (including what you will feel when you have it), it is time to write your dream card. The guidelines are simple.

The Dream. Take a piece of paper and write down one dream, hope, desire or wish. For the example, I’m using one of my current desires. I’d like more coaching clients and people attending my workshops.

The Benefits. Write down the benefits of your dream coming true for everyone you can think of, including yourself.

  • The clients and workshop attendees’ lives change for the better.
  • Energy flows and it doesn’t get bottled up inside me.
  • As I help people, my skills grow.
  • People will be able to be a greater contribution to others.
  • People become kinder.
  • People become more respectful, accepting and non-judgmental.
  • People face life with grace.
  • People are able to create their dreams and lives in fun exciting ways.
  • People have a sense of hope and magic.
  • People believe in their abilities to create and do so.

The Details. Write down what you visualize your desire to be. I continue my example using bullet points:

  • The clients and workshop attendees are willing to take responsibility for themselves.
  • Sessions are in person, on Zoom, or on the phone.
  • Workshops are home or business “parties” in various locations.
  • I am handsomely paid for sessions and workshops.
  • Some (a small number) of the workshops are free and part of my philanthropy.
  • All clients are looking to transform their lives.
  • I use my energy and skills graciously and with ease.
  • I have someone who is willing and able to find, set up and coordinate the workshops, so that all I have to do is show up and facilitate change.
  • I love working with all my clients and they love working with me.
  • Clients have valuable takeaways. Workshop attendees have valuable takeaways including a handout that benefits them.
  • We all benefit from the sessions and workshops.

The Sensations. Write down the feelings and body sensations YOU will have when your desire is fulfilled. (Notice they are stated in present tense. This is important.)

  • I feel light and as if I’m flying.
  • Excitement courses through my veins.
  • Throughout the sessions and workshops, the clients and I have many YES! moments.
  • The whole workshop is a giant WOO HOO!

The True Desire. Take a look at what you wrote. Now it’s time to shorten it and write what you truly desire. This way, what you have done up to now becomes one way your dream might show up. Not the only way.

At this point, let go of the details. You will have to massage the wording into just a few sentences. Play around with the wording until it feels expansive and has that feeling of “clicking into place.” Do not try to fit everything on your lists into this true desire. Look for patterns of what your true dream is. What is it that you truly want to have, be or do?

  • Begin with “I am willing to experience the miracle of”
  • Fill in with your overall desire.
  • End with a closing statement which includes grace, ease and/or gratitude. This smooths the way for your dream to come to you.
  • My final message: “I am willing to experience the miracle of helping many people to create phenomenal, magical lives with ease and grace. I am grateful for all the people who come to me to learn how to do this. Unexpected doors fly open. Unexpected channels are free. Endless avalanches of abundance pour upon my clients and me, under grace in perfect ways.”

The last three sentences are a variation of a quote from Florence Scovel Shinn. Don’t be shy about using the wording that others have used. You aren’t publishing your dream cards. They are for your private use. Feel free to use whatever works. If it fits, use it on your dream card. Just be sure that it matches what you are feeling and truly going for. The original quote was: “Unexpected doors fly open, unexpected channels are free, and endless avalanches of abundance are poured out upon me, under grace in perfect ways.”

Don’t worry about making a mistake. If your dream doesn’t show up how you like or isn’t happening, take a look at what you wrote and how you feel about it. It may be beneficial to tweak your wording and look at what you truly desire.

The Dream Card. Take another piece of paper. I like using colored index cards. An index card is used to remind me to keep it concise. The colors are just pretty, and the dreams feel more special.

On this paper rewrite your true desire, the short statement that you just wrote. That’s all you put on the dream card. All the rest of it was to help you flush out your true desire.

Then place the dream card in your dream box (a box that you have decorated for the purpose of holding your dreams) and smile, knowing that your dream is done. All you have to do is follow the inspired actions to find it or until it finds you.

As for Shoshi, it’s always fun to watch her dreams come true…and very often not how she imagined and with different timing. But then again, that’s part of the magic…allowing for something even better.

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