2019 Rocks! Setting the Tone for 2019 (Part 1 of 5)

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Be the star of your own life, not an extra.  It’s your life.  You get to design it.

This five-part series, beginning today, will help you set the tone for the new year and help you achieve your dreams.  I’m warning you – it’s different than the normal New Year’s resolutions.  You will start feeling the success from the first day.

When a movie is made, the movie makers choose what the audience will feel when the movie is over. A romantic comedy leaves the audience feeling all warm and gooey. Whereas, a horror film will scare the audience. I remember seeing Carrie in the theaters.  The final scene scared me so much that I literally popped the button on my pants.

After the final scene feelings are chosen, the writers go to the beginning and fill in the storyline that will lead to the end feeling.  For this blog, the focus is on what you will feel when 2019 ends.

Think of 2019 as your own personal movie.  When December 31, 2019, rolls around, what will you be feeling about the year?  You get to choose it.  This is where you are aiming by having your dreams and desires come true.

For me, I’m going to be jumping in the air shouting, “YES!”  Then when I land, I’ll feel expansive and know that I’ve rocked the year.  By thinking in terms of body sensations, it’s possible to actually visualize and feel this, thus making it more real.

Imagine if I just said, “I’ll feel great.”  There isn’t any emphasis in that, and it’s hard to visualize or remember.  This alone decreases its effectiveness.

You can choose whatever body sensations you’d like to feel at the end of 2019.  It may be total relaxation as if your shoulders are down out of your ears and you are able to take a deep breath.  Or you may choose to be giddy and have butterflies running up and down your spine.  What you choose is what you are truly going for by having your desires fulfilled. After all, we do things for the feelings they will give us.

What body sensations will you end the year with?  Notice the word will.  It’s stronger and has a sense of happening that other words like want, hope, or wish don’t have.  It is best to choose the wording that gives you a sense of ownership.

Imagine December 31, 2019, and you are at a New Year’s party or snuggling in bed with your sweetie. You are talking about the amazing year you’ve had and how you rocked it.  What feelings will you be sharing?

Write these body sensations on a post-it and put it on your bathroom mirror where it will be a touchstone to remind you that those sensations are what you are aiming for. Every time you brush your teeth, it will help you remember to focus on the feeling.

Now that you have your 2019 body sensations chosen, you are on the path to having your dreams and desires fulfilled.  (Feel free to borrow my, “YES! This year rocked.”)

Start to feel it as often as possible.  That way, your desires will be only one way you can get it.  When you focus on your 2019 body sensations, you will be able to bring more experiences into your personal movie that match the feelings you will have when your movie ends.

Start feeling it now. Look for it each day, and be the star of your 2019 movie.

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