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2019 Rocks! Imagine the Possibilities (Part 1 of 5)Imagine your life as a movie series. Each movie until now is okay, perhaps even good. And here we are at the beginning of your 2019 movie. You have set the tone for how you want to feel. (See previous post.) Now it’s time to imagine this year as more than just the feeling of the final scene that we set last week. What are some of the things you’d like to experience during the year to give you the feelings you have chosen? If money and time were abundant and weren’t a limitation, what would you like to be, have or do? This is your magic list of everything you can think of as a possibility for your 2019 movie.

This is your opportunity to think outside the box. Be brave. What if you threw away the box? After all, the box is only what everyone else expects and can think of based upon their lives. If you want your 2019 to be a blockbuster year, think of blockbuster possibilities.

One way to do this is to ask yourself “what if” questions and then follow each question with a related “what could” question. (Notice that the word “could” is used at this point to open the doorway to more possibilities. The word “will” feels constrictive and has a lot of expectations attached to it.) This is an opportunity to leave the highway of Oh No! and instead travel down the expressway of magical possibilities.

What if there was no box?
What could you imagine happening in 2019?

What if you really could feel ___________ at the end of the year?
What could you have done?

What if you knew that everything on your magic list was done by next New Year’s Eve?
What could be on your magical list?

What if you are creating your movie for the year?
What could be happening in the movie?

This is your opportunity to create your 2019 movie. Take some time to dream about what could happen. Let go of what last year’s movie was. It’s done and over. You get to create this year’s movie. (You may choose to continue some of what you created the previous year. If you do so, ask yourself, “What would make this year’s happenings even better?”)

This isn’t the place to worry about the how. Let that go for now. If you want to travel the country, you don’t have to plan each mile of the trip at this point. Just dream about traveling across the country and visiting all the state parks (for example.)

This is your magic list. This movie is your dream life. You get to create it.

I can hear you now, “But isn’t this just another to do list like all the ones I’ve done before?” No.

When you say “to do” list can you feel all your energy shrinking? We started out feeling high vibe, expansive and lively, then as soon as the “to do” list was mentioned a feeling of ugh settled in. And this ugh feeling is where most people start the year. “I have to write my resolutions. I’m going to do x, y, and z. I’m going to lose the weight this year.” Or something similar.

Let’s turn things around. Identify the feelings and body sensations you will experience by the end of the year (notice these are high vibe feelings) and create your dream list of possibilities. When December 31, 2019, arrives, what will you feel about your 2019 movie? What is the feeling of your end scene? What dreams would you like to come alive this year that will lead you to those feelings?

You can borrow my high vibe final feelings (a giant YES! followed by an expansiveness flowing through my body and the knowingness that 2019 ROCKED) or you can create your own end scene feelings. Do you notice that just mentioning my rocking feeling shifts my energy and the ugh feelings dissipate?

Start with the high vibe feeling. Then dream big and write down your list of possibilities. And then dream bigger. And then even bigger than that. Keep growing your dream list. Now feel the high vibe again. You are on your way to a fantastic 2019!

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