2019 Rocks! Believe in the Possibilities (Part 3 of 5)

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2019 Rocks! Believe in the Possibilities (Part 3 of 5)All possibilities exist until you’ve chosen one. This doesn’t mean the other possibilities disappeared, just that your focus is on the one that you have chosen.

Thus, all your dreams exist as possibilities. And if at least one possibility exists for each of your chosen dreams, then chances are that other possibilities also exist. Each one is a slightly different version. It’s like when you want dessert and all the possibilities from cookies to pies to cakes to other delicacies are available. Then you decide on ice cream and go to the ice cream shop where you have a selection to choose from. Each is a possibility.

What makes one better than another? Your belief that it will give you the feeling you are going after. Believing and having faith that your possibility will fulfill your chosen feelings are an important step to having them. It’s the knowingness that keeps the chosen possibilities chugging toward you. This knowingness is belief.

When doubt enters your mind, things slow down. Therefore, it’s important to set aside doubt and find the space for the possibility that your dreams are realized. Where you believe that they will come true.

I’m sure you’ve seen dust dancing in a beam of sunshine. Each dust particle is a possibility. And guess what? There are more dust particles than just those that you see. The whole room, house and the outdoors are filled with them. Each particle is a possibility. There are lots and lots of them.

Your job is to identify your dream (the previous blog) and focus on the feeling of having the dream manifest. Take a deep breath and exhale it. Then ask yourself, “Where is the space that (which dust particle) matches the feeling of my dream fulfilled?” Notice where your attention goes. Then choose the spot (or spots) you have noticed. I know it doesn’t make sense. Just try it and notice the feeling of “yeah, that’s it” when you choose the spot. Then connect with that spot and relax into the feeling of already having your dream.

You have just pointed to the possibility that holds your dream completed. Feel it. Know it. Believe it. Repeat the process a few times. You will have many possibilities in which your dreams can happen.

There are usually multiple possibilities for your dreams to come true. Every time you connect to a possibility, you are building your belief that your dream is possible. You are feeding the knowingness.

As a side note, when I first did this technique, I couldn’t feel the spots, but I believed it was possible, and I kept doing it. Over time, I started to feel it. My belief led to me feeling the spots and my faith that it would happen fueled my belief. I believed it was possible to feel the spots where the dream was a reality. And once I dropped the doubt and had faith that it was possible, my belief was fueled and my dreams manifested.

You can do this also. Set aside your doubts. After all, if you focus on your doubts, that is what you will get more of. Instead, believe it is possible. Reach for the feeling of your dream and have faith that the next steps will be shown to you. It’s up to you if you follow those steps.

Are you willing to let go of doubt?
Are you willing to believe your dreams are possible for you?
Are you willing to have faith that the next step will show up?

Anything and everything that gets in the way, are you willing to bless it and send it on its way?

Are you willing to release it and let it go forever?

If you believe it is possible, you are correct. If you believe it isn’t possible, you are also correct. What you believe and have faith in is where you put your focus and what you get. It’s that simple.

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